Release Notes: 03/03/2017

What's New Version ∞2017.3.3:

  • Created a Terms of Service page for HrCenter. This Terms of Service page will come up every time a new candidate attempts to register an account via HrCenter; the candidate will have to agree to the terms before registering. This configuration needs to be enabled by Tempworks.
  • Added a new WebCenter config  (“Show Create Purchase Order” in the customer category) to hide the create purchase order link that's on the customer order screen in WebCenter.
  • Added a new WebCenter config (“Allow Selecting Of Order Request Approvers” in the order category) to show or hide the selecting of order approvers from the order request screen.
  • Added a new WebCenter config (“CustomerOrderStatusChange” in the notifications category) to set up an email notification event whenever an order’s status is changed. This notification event will be sent out to customer contacts that are tied to the order. 


  • Optimized posting check tax records during payroll posting.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a divide by zero error if you have a daily pay employee with an Earned Income Credit tax assigned to an order with 260 pay periods.


  • Limestone Twp, PA has been added and linked to the associated city tax.
  • Updated the year end Mag Media file format for Oklahoma to match the latest specifications.


  • Previously, when creating/editing a Form within HrCenter while using Mozilla Firefox, dragging and dropping any item within the Toolbox will redirect the user to a website containing the name of the Tool within the Toolbox. Now this will not occur.


  • Updated the accrual calculation in WebCenter earnings statement, this will correct a potential California accrual inconsistency on the paycheck stub reprint.

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