Release Notes: 10/14/2016

What’s New Version ∞2016.10.14:

  • We no longer allow users to manually add AdvanceBank adjustments to an employee’s profile. This adjustment was only ever meant to be created when reversing checks.
  • Added Skill Code 2 in the All Options > Administration > Job Titles.
  • Replaced the auto combo box with a paged combo box in the assignment quick add area. This new combo box will be used in other areas of Enterprise sometime in the future. Below is an image of what this looks like now.


  • Previously, the merge contact function wouldn't log a message that the contact records where merged. Now it does.
  • For location accruals, when the master location accrual was reactivated in the administration page, the assignment accruals remained inactive and wouldn’t be calculated when processing payroll. Now reactivating the master location accrual will activate the assignments accrual as well.
  • Fixed date overlap issue that allowed employees to use more accrual time than available.
  • Found and corrected an issue that could cause employees with no available accrual balance to not state so during proofing.
  • Updated the payroll tax liability type to have the bit flag set properly so that we can use this in TWBankRec system.
  • When adding a cell phone number to a contact or employee, the default value for cell provider is now “None” instead of nothing.
  • Previously, if "apply to departments" for a customer accrual is checked, it will show the accrual on both departments and parent customers. Now customer accruals will only trickle down in this view when apply to departments is checked, instead of both up and down in the customer hierarchy tree. 
  • Moving orders and copying assignments used to make all performance codes show as “Open” on the copied assignments. Now the performance codes will be copied as they were on the original order.
  • Fixed an issue regarding closing the week when a check was voided for a non-weekly customer.
  • Previously, CASUTAs would always show up as CASUTAETT in Enterprise. Now they show as CASUTA.
  • Removed Forest Park records from zip code 72212.
  • In Enterprise, the Assign Additional HrCenter Pages was showing the incorrect languages. Now it shows the correct ones.
  • Fixed the config fxAsmtEndAction. This config chooses the default message action that is to be used when ending assignments in mass. This is configured on the back end, contact 
  • Apply to Departments setting on customer defaults would previously not apply to departments for accruals and worker comp codes. Now they will.
  • Fixed a bug where timecard imports wouldn’t be able to import just one record.


  • We received a notice that Montpelier, OH municipal withholding tax will be administered by the CCA. This has been updated as such.
  • Updated the formatting of the W2 label for OH School Districts to conform to OH's new specs.
  • Added a tax of 1.85% to Berkshire Township JEDD OH.
  • Added a tax of 1.8% to Ashtabula Township JEDD OH.
  • Added a tax of 2.5% Walton Hills Sagamore Hills JEDD OH.
  • Monroe County Indiana increased resident rate from 1.095% to 1.345%
  • Monroe County Indiana increased nonresident rate from .27375% to .33625%
  • Parke County Indiana increased resident rate from 2.45% to 2.65%
  • Posey County Indiana increased resident rate from 1% to 1.25%
  • Posey County Indiana increased nonresident rate from .625% to .6875%


  • Previously, past residences were not posfilling on the employee details page in Enterprise when the employee filled out the residences page.
  • Fixed the review and sign page button that would appear on forms for service reps to sign when that form wasn't set to be reviewed and signed by the service rep. 
  • Replaced the term miles with kilometers on the availability page. This will only change for UK clients.


  • Fixed some searching issues when looking for jobs where the order had been updated recently.


  • Fixed an error that would come up when running the Timeclock Weekly Summary report.
  • Fixed an Arithmetic overflow error that would occur when contacts or employees went to view their timecards. This would only occur if the associated customer had a large ID.
  • Updated date formats on the customer timeclock page, Customer PO setup and the Vendor Employee page.

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