Timecard Linker

What is Timecard Linker?

During the Time Entry process timecard images can be linked to specific transactions. These images will then either be included with the e-mailed invoice or can be printed out with the invoice during the invoice run process.

*Note* Timecard Linker is an ancillary product. If interested in purchasing this feature, please contact your sales representative or account manager at TempWorks.

Customer Setup

The first step is to set up the Customer record for timecard image linking. This is done from the customer record, after selecting 'invoice setup', then select the 'billing setup' form. 

In the 'Invoice Method' field select either “Print with Timecard Image”, “Print and Email with Timecard Image”, or “Email with Timecard Image”. Selecting one of these options will allow the linked images to be attached to invoices during the invoice run stage.

Timecard Linking Features

From Pay/Bill select the 'time entry' form. From time entry, select the actions menu and click the 'Link Timecard Images' action from the Actions menu.

This will open the timecard image linking area as shown below:

There are several functions that can be used in the timecard image linking view as follows:1. The 'magnifying glass' icon allows the user to view the timecard in large screen mode ( this works well with widescreen or dual-monitor systems) so that the full timecard image can be displayed as well as the full timecard spreadsheet.

2. The 'right key arrow' icon turns on the auto-paging function. If timecards are listed in the same order as the Time Entry spreadsheet, the image will automatically display the next timecard image of the series once Link Image has been clicked for the previous Transaction.  

3. The magnifying glass icons with (+) and (-) signs allow you to zoom in or out on the timecard image.  

4. The rotation icons will allow you to rotate the timecard image however you desire.

5.The check mark icon turns on toggle verify mode.

Users may also right-click within the column header section to add the Linked Image Status to the time entry screen.  Adding this column header will visually display all timecards that have linked images, images with errors, partially verified hours etc.

Timecard Linking Process

To upload timecard images click on the page icon at the top of the screen. From the Open Timecard Image File form select the document and click Save. *Note* Timecard images MUST be a PDF file in order to be linked to a transaction.

The timecard image will then display:

If the document that you want to link is not in the list, click on Upload A New File at the bottom of the form.

The document viewer will now display the selected or uploaded document(s). Select the timecard transaction from the list that the image should be linked to and then click on the Link Image button. 

The form below will open and will be auto-populated with the total number of hours that were entered for this Transaction. If this amount is not the correct Number of Hours for the timecard image, the number should be updated. Then click Save to close the form.

To report an error with the timecard image (missing signature, incorrect number of hours, etc.), double click on the image file (listed under the Employee’s name in the Avatar area). The form below will open and list the Number of Hours on this Image. Click on the '+' button to proceed to the next step of image error reporting.

Select the issue from the Problem Type drop down menu. The Override check box can be used to ignore this error at this point or to approve the error during the Proofing process. Click on Save to close the form or New to save and clear the form so that another issue can be added. 

If the number linked on the timecard image does not match what was entered into the hours column the timecard will automatically be move to a linked with partial hours verified status.  In the following example the timecard auto-populated 32 hours but hours entered were 31.  To catch errors such as this you may run the TimeCard Linking Hours Breakdown report or continue to proofing.

Once all of the timecard image issues have been added click on the Save button in the lower right of the Timecard Image Details form.*Note- When a timecard image error is report, the hours indicator for the timecard image file will turn red.

Proofing and payroll

During the Proofing process for the session any timecard image errors will be listed. To view the Transaction, right-click on the error line and select View Timesheet.


Once errors have been corrected or approved continue with the proofing process and close the session. Once the transactions have been proofed they can be included in a payroll or invoice run. As timecard image linking does not affect employee paychecks, the payroll process will be unchanged. 

Invoice processing

Continue with the usual invoicing process. When selecting the Transactions to include in the run, viewing them by Invoice Method will allow the user to view and/or select Transactions that will be printed with the timecard images. 

To view the invoice with timecard images during the invoice staging process, select the View Invoice icon :

Within the invoice register click the actions menu and select to ' Preview Invoice w/ Timecards' :

Within the invoice register select the invoice you wish to view, this will bring you into the invoice detail section as shown:

Click the actions menu and select ' Preview Invoice with Timecards' : 

This will open the invoice preview section :

Once the invoice has been posted, you may view the linked timecard images by viewing the invoice and selecting 'Transaction' under 'Extend Invoice Details'. 

Employee  transaction history

Within the employee record navigate to pay history, transaction history, to view the linked timecard in association with the employee's transaction :

Timecard Linking Hours Breakdown Report

Utilize this report to verify timecards that are still missing linked images, have unverified hours, or unmatched hours. Within this report, you may select multiple variations of linked status options such as all timecards without linked images, those that are linked but have unmatched hours and more.  Utilize the ' Group By' option to organize the report into said categories.

Daily Pay

If you are a staffing company that utilizes daily pay,  timecards can be linked from within the Dispatcher/Daily Pay area. Once the ticket is in the instant pay-enter time process, select to Link New Timecard :

Within this screen you may select to open file and locate the timecard image on your computer:

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