Education Module- Set up in Enterprise

Education Module

The Education module is an enhanced set of features in both Enterprise as well as WebCenter, that when used in conjunction with each other, allow a school district or a staffing company to manage their substitute teacher order requests, placement and payroll.

Customer records can be setup as the school district with departments as individual schools, and if desired specific classrooms.  The school calendar can be setup on the customer and department record with school closure days to avoid a substitute being scheduled for a date where the school district does not have school in session. WebCenter can be setup so that the administrator or the teacher can submit their order, they can request a specific teacher as well as setup an order approval process if the district requires one. The substitute teacher can log into Webcenter and see the sub requests that they are qualified for and accept the teaching job. The system will automatically create the assignment for the teacher in Enterprise.  If WebCenter is configured as such, TempWorks Enterprise can automatically create a timecard with the hours automatically poplulated in, or it can be configured to go through a district approval process.  

Security Role

*Note- If this area is not visible to a service rep, users will need to grant the security role of "Education Module" to appropriate service reps. Users must also have the related licensing and configurations setup before use. Please work with a Tempworks representative for additional setup.  

Customer record:

 When creating a new customer record the (1.) school or district will be the customer name and the contacts will be the (2.) teaching staff as well as administrative staff. 

Make sure that each contact has a web user account set up. To do this, follow the same instructions on the contact record as you would when managing the web user account on the employee record. If you need help, see our Manage Web User Account article.

*Note: Regardless of whether the web user is invited or manually created they will need to have a role assigned to them.

*Note- We recommend setting up two additional roles in Admin, one for teachers who will be able to submit orders and one for administrators who will review and accept those orders. See our Administrators: An Introduction to Configurations article for help setting up roles.

Customer Education Setup  

You may setup the school calendar, absence reasons and preferred candidates under Customer/Details/Education 

Preferred Candidates

Often times a school or a specific classroom teacher will have a favorite substitute that they would like the order to go out to first.  These are preferred candidates for school. If you want preferred candidates for a classroom you will set up individual classrooms as departments.

To add preferred teachers to a department, access the Department record/Details/Education/Candidates. 

Click the + to the right then search for the candidate then click save.  

This will open a wizard where you can select which employee to make a candidate for this record. 

Absence Reasons

Absence reasons can be added as a field on the WebCenter job order form. It is often helpful for the substitute to know why they will be filling in in the classroom. If the Absence reason is selected as a field that will be displayed on the WebCenter job order form it must be set up under the Customer/Department Education section.

To add customer or department absence reasons, from the customer/department record/details/education/Absence Reasons. Click the + to the right, then enter the absence reason and click save.

School Closure Schedule

You can enter in the school closure dates within the customer/department record. The closure dates are entered under the Customer/Education/Calendar.

Single Closure Dates

To enter in a single closure date, double click on date the school is closed. The following window will display:

Click on the Unavailable red circle, enter in a note such as the reason for the school closure, click save.

The day of the closure will show up on the calendar with a red dot. If you hover over the dot it will display the note

Recurring Closures

You can setup a recurring closure to save time on the school calendar setup. This is useful for closures such as Holiday breaks that cover several weeks.  To setup a recurring closure, access the education calendar then click actions/new recurring availability.

The following wizard will display:

After you enter the recurring pattern, click the unavailable red circle, enter in a note, then click save

*Note-: The education Calendar ASSUMES closure on Saturdays and Sundays. There is no need to enter every weekend as a closure date.



Substitute teacher pay and bill rates are generally determined by a contract and rates can  not vary. As a result, the customer rate sheet will play an important part in the education module, particularly since it can be set up so that the teacher enters their own substitute request. The substitute accepts the position via WebCenter and configurations can be set so that the substitute’s timecard can be auto populated based on the order start and end times and the school district or school can be configured to auto approve the time.  In theory, after the customer and employee records are setup, the staffing company is not involved other than calculating the paycheck.

Adding Substitute Contracted Rates

Contracted rates are generally determined by the school district and are applied to all schools in the district. rates may vary by specialty or grade level, but not per substitute.  As a result the best place to enter the rate sheets in Enterprise area at the primary customer record; which will generally be the school district, and then apply those rates to the departments (Individual schools and classrooms). additionally, many substitute teacher contracts are a flat rate for a day. This needs to be taken into consideration when setting up the rate sheets.

To add rate sheets, access the customer record/defaults/rate sheet.

Click the + to add a new rate sheet.

Complete the applicable fields and click save.

Above is a screen shot of an example of setting up a school district mandated standard teacher rate at the school district level and having it applicable to all schools and classrooms within the school district.

Multiple rate sheets can be setup by job title if there are different rates for specialty teachers. If for example middle schools or high schools have a different contracted teacher rate than the elementary schools, rate sheets can be setup at the School (department) level of the customer.

Interest Codes on the Customer and Employee

Interest codes play an important role in the education module.  One of the main features of the education module is that the substitute can log into WebCenter and view the orders they are qualified for, accept the order and they have the job!  There are several factors that go into determining if an order shows up on the substitute’s WebCenter list; one of those factors is the interest codes. 

Because orders are entered by school administrators or teachers in Webcenter, there is not an opportunity for them to add interest codes; this makes the customer interest code setup extremely important.

One thing to keep in mind when setting up and adding interest codes to the customers records is that interest codes setup on the customer primary record will automatically be added to orders associated with all departments of that primary record, and interest codes setup on department records will automatically be associated with all orders of the department. In other words, unless you require all Substitutes placed in a school district to have an interest code do NOT add it at the school district (primary) record and unless you require all substitutes placed at a school to have an interest code do not add it at the School (department) record, etc.

Generally interest codes will be setup for three different scenarios

  • An interest code delineating a school district.
  • Interest codes for grade Level certification
  • Interest Codes for Specialty  certifications

School District Interest Codes – A staffing company that specializes in substitute teachers will generally have multiple school districts they service.  A substitute teacher, before they can be placed at a school must first be hired/approved by the school district. The easiest way to avoid a substitute being offered a job in WebCenter for a school district they are not approved to work for is to add an interest code at the school district (primary) level.

Grade Level Certification – Teacher certifications are different based on the grade level they are certified to teach.  Generally these are early childhood, elementary and secondary; but will vary based on the state. grade level certification interest codes should be setup at the school level of the customer.

Specialty Certifications -  Besides grade level certifications, there are specialty certifications such as special education, TESOL (teaching of English to speakers of other languages) as well as specialty subjects such as mathematics, physics, etc. specialty certification interest codes should be setup on the classroom department record.

Below is a basic example of how a school district might be setup with the school district as the primary, the individual schools in the district as the department underneath the primary, and the individual classrooms as departments underneath the individual schools.

Corresponding to this setup below is what the interest code setup would look like

School District Record

A High School as a Department of the School District

The Special Education Classroom at the school as a Department underneath the School Department

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