Beyond - Insight Widget Troubleshooting

What are Insight Widgets?

Insight widgets provide snap shots of important information in your system. These options are located on your dashboard, the first thing every user sees when they log in. This article reviews all the different default insight widgets available. 

This article reviews some of the troubleshooting steps in case you aren't seeing all the information you're expecting. We recommend checking out Beyond - Default Insight Widgets for a full list of the default widgets and their parameters. 


Some of our Insight Widgets rely on filter options located at the top of your dashboard. It's important to check your filters for those cards that require it. 

For example, the Assignment Summary widget requires you to enter the number of days that this widget should show data for.


Insight widgets will only show you data within your current Hierarchy view. If you are noticing that you and your coworker are seeing different results, first check and/or refresh your hierarchy in Beyond. See Beyond - Hierarchy for more information. 

Clear Cache

When all else fails, try clearing your cache in Beyond and/or your web browser. This will clear any stashed or saved information that could be causing your widget(s) to not load or load incorrect information. Check out Beyond - Troubleshooting Browsers for more information on clearing your cache. 


Not seeing the Insight Widget you are looking for? Insight widgets are controlled by security group permissions. Contact your admin and have them check out Beyond - Insight Widget Access for more information on giving users access to the correct Insight Widgets. 

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