Release Notes: 05/05/2017

Version ∞2017.5.5:



  • Added new Invoice History context menu options for logging a message and reprinting an invoice with timecard images. This means you now have the ability to reprint an invoice with or without timecards images as well as the ability to log a message on an invoice right from the invoice history screen. (Right click on any invoice to see the options)


  • Updated field requirement values for People G2 so the employee's email is no longer required.


  • The Pay-code exempt adjustments are now compatible with the ‘pay on separate check’ option.
  • Modified the First Advantage integration so that the User Defined Field always contains the repname of the user submitting the background check request.
  • Modified the invite web user procedure to only look at the messageaction view instead of root. Having this as root can cause issues when more than one WC Invite message action was found.
  • Fixed a tenant selection is required error that would come up when updating information in the manage web user account area. Sorry about that!


  • Improved performance in the SP_GetZipnDistanceByOriginType procedure so that it doesn't lock up when trying to return a large amount of results.



  • The procedure responsible for getting the employee's withholding amount was summing the number of allowances even when an employee has tax records in more than one entity. This wasn’t acceptable and now this will show only the highest allowance. (wc_Employee_GetPayrollOverview)


Rate Changes:

  • Added Crittenden County Kentucky juris with a  rate of .5%. ZKYC1303.


  • Linked zip code 98092 to Auburn Pierce County sales tax.
  • Updated the municipality juris for Springfield Township local state tax.


  • Updated New York mag media format, this change also included adding a duplicate line for people with severance or on short term disability.  The 1W lines need to have an 'O' instead of a 'W'.
  • Updated the State Income tax calculation formula for Maine.
  • Repaired Pennsylvania compatible juris records for Annville-Cleona school district, LSTS080303.
  • Updated the compatible juris description of school taxes to be the school district name plus the school district number. This will be used later in an upcoming feature.

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