How to Log in to TempWorks From a Mac

These directions assume the following:

♦ Your computer is running Mac OSX 10.11 or newer with a 64 bit processor. 

♦ You know your TempWorks issued login. 

♦ You know your TempWorks issued server address  (

♦ You have the official Microsoft Remote Desktop application installed from the App Store:

*Note* TempWorks does not officially support Mac’s as a preferred device when accessing Enterprise through

Step 1

If you do not already have Microsoft Remote Desktop installed, please install it from the App Store using the above link. Please note that the Microsoft Remote Desktop  is a different application than the older Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac:  

Step 2 

Locate and run the Microsoft Remote Desktop from your applications folder.

Step 3

Choose 'Feeds' between the two toggles at the top of the window and select 'Add Feed':

Step 4 

The 'Add Feed' window will appear. Enter the exact URL: and select 'Find Feed':

Step 5

Choose the 'Credential Entry Frequency' and add your TempWorks assigned credentials for Enterprise: 

Step 6

Once you have entered your credentials of the Remote Desktop Connection setup, you will be shown the TempWorks Software icons. Choose the Enterprise App to open your database. 

Setup for File Sharing (Uploading and Downloading Documents from Enterprise)

First, you must have the version 10.2.4 Microsoft Remote Desktop or newer in order to setup file sharing. 

Step 1

In your settings of the Microsoft Remote Desktop, navigate to your 'Preferences': 

Step 2

In the 'Preferences' window, navigate to the bottom and select 'Change Folder.' This will allow you to choose the file path best suited for downloading and uploading files from Enterprise:

Step 3

Choose the file path for you. When you have selected the file path, click 'Choose':

When you have finished choosing a file path, exit out of the preferences window and you will be able to successfully upload and download from Enterprise. 

For further help from Microsoft regarding the Remote Desktop Connection 10:

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