Release Notes: 12/24/15

Release will be going out this week on schedule (Thursday night)

Enterprise (∞1512.24):

  • Commission Module behind the scenes work has begun.
  • Behind the scenes work for Two Factor authentication has begun.
  • Updated our account map proc (GLSspAccountMap) that sets up new account mapping records automatically to use the weekend bill of the PayrollRun record to find which new taxes adjustments and checks need to have mapping records setup for them.  Did this so that this would mimic how we pull in checks/taxes/adjustments in our GLSspPostPayrollRun proc.
  • The job candidates section in Enterprise filters on Active status again. Previously this area was showing you all candidates no matter what active status parameter you were searching on.
  • Increased CompanyStreet to 255 characters in the fx_report_Paycheck to prevent errors during a payroll run.
  • Altered the assignment register report so that it will return results for assignments that have a shift and do not have a shift, not just assignments with a shift.
  • Previously the employee accrual dialog was not enforcing validation rules. Now it does.
  • Fixed an issue where receiving an error from E-verify when processing a case could result in the user not being able to go back and edit the information again.
  • Corrected an issue where Dispatcher was leaving proofing sessions open when a timecard was attempted to be processed with no time on it.
  • Modified the report search to search on descriptions of a report as well as the title.
  • Currently if Service reps do NOT have the function permission of "Can Edit Employee Bank" tied to their secroles they ARE able to activate and deactivate electronic payments. Now this function permission will respect the activation check box and not allow Service reps to make changes without that function permission.
  • You can now add a Levy adjustment without Enterprise telling you to create a rule case on the employee record. (You shouldn't have to create a rule case for a Levy)
  • Previously when clicking the timecard feed check box in Customer/Misc, it would add the customer to the timecardfeedcustomerroot table, but it set the HierID=0. Now this will set the HierID to the Branch that the customer is assigned to.
  • HrCenter will no longer duplicate forms In Employee > Integrations > HrCenter
  • Previously clicking the up or down arrows twice in the Manage Interest Codes area would remove the highlighted interest code. Now this won't occur.
  • Now when you go reprint a payroll run in the actions menu under pay/bill and close the window before choosing anything, it will no longer clear the dateprinted column in a random payroll run.
  • Availability Calendar (Activity Tracker) has been added. This is located under Employee > Details > Activity Tracker. Training documentation is already in the process of being created.
  • Our new hire table was not up to date with which new hire procs we actually have. Updated and synced up the NewHireFormat table.
  • There have been some bugs that have come up since adding the Pending Balance column into the Invoice payment area. We reworked that area behind the scenes in an attempt to squash all existing bugs. All functionality remains the same
  • Added the Caf 125 import as an options in Pay/Bill > Actions Menu.
  • Fixed the undo check correction logic
  • Improved performance in the sInvDelete procedure. Abandoning invoice run speeds should be improved.
  • Granted execute permissions to the CustomerWorksite_GetPSDCodeByAddrid procedure so that users could have permission to edit PA worksite information. Previously a blank form would come up for HOST\ Users.
  • Corrected how we pull in merge records on the invoice aging report to only look at merge records where the master invoice is in our date parameter range. Previously, if the master invoice was not in our date range then the child invoices would show with a blank customer name and invoice number.
  • Added 1096 Summary and W3 Summary reports.
  • Payroll notes column length has been extended to 500 characters in the OrderRoot_Log table. This is to match the other areas with the payroll note column.
  • Corrected an issue that could cause items attached to an Authority check to not actually be included in the Check.
  • Added a new field to the Essential Staffcare postfill proc. When the field is not passed in the xml it will display na for that field in the message. (@mec)
  • Added new tables for Two Factor Authentication (TwoFactorAuthenticationEmail, TwoFactorAuthenticationCode, and TwoFactorAuthenticationEmailLog)


  • The system was not properly evaluating whether a resident of Baltimore, MD should be taxed the county or city tax during payroll. We updated the logic to evaluate this properly.


  • In our GetEincByOriginId procedure, we were only looking at HierIds that were a HierType of Entity. Reworked the procedure to get the EINC from the branch that the contact is tied to.
  • Navigating to the home tab in WebCenter should now load faster.


  • Using an equals sign in your search parameter used to cause an error to come up. This will no longer happen.‚Äč


  • Added in more configs for AWR (AwrPayrollOffsetDays & AwrSystemEnabled). AWR has been added into DailyMaint 12 (Runs overnight).

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