Release Notes: 03/17/2017

What's New Version ∞2017.3.17:

  • Added a new WebCenter config that will show or hide the messages area on the employee, customer or vendor home screens. The config is called ‘Show Messages On Home Screens’ and is located under the miscellaneous category in the WebCenter admin config page.
  • Added timeclock timecard functionality to automatically calculate Reg, OT, and DT hours for California Old Law OT plans based on daily hours. This functionality is disabled by default, but is controlled by the config 'AutomatedCaliforniaOTCalc'. This is only compatible with timeclock timecards; calculations will work with across multiple timeclock timecards within the same weekend date.


  • Updated a payroll warning to say 'Please do not date checks for 2018, as tax rate changes have not been updated for this year.'


  • In the reviewers sub tab within the Customer Order Details, the rejected reason will be displayed for rejected order requests.
  • Optimized ‘Timeclock Raw Punch Log’ to avoid potential timeouts when running the report.
  • Fixed a potential bug when uploading documents on the admin documents tab.
  • The WebCenter maximum upload file size was 4mb, it has been increased to 6mb.

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