Release Notes: 05/06/2022

May has officially arrived which means it 'should' be time for some warmer weather here in the upper Midwest (please).

This release brings additional permissions related to the ACA Card on the employee file in Beyond along with many other fixes across TempWorks products.

*Note* For all self-hosted clients, as always, ensure you install all updates to give your users the best experience and new features.

The Highlights

Beyond - Update Employee ACA Status & Hire Date

Users, with the proper permissions, now have the ability to edit information within the ACA Card within the employee file of Beyond.

*Note* For more information on this functionality, please see the article titled Beyond - Updating ACA Status for Employees.

Additional Updates

In Beyond

  • Fixed an issue where Insight Widgets outside of the user's hierarchy would appear within the Security Group Insight Widget.
  • Fixed a visual issue when selecting items within the “Report Group” and “Report Type” filters.
  • Fixed a validation error when submitting a Work History record on an employee's story.
  • Fixed an issue where Data Field options would not appear for contact and employee email types.
  • Fixed visibility issues related to editing Report Security Groups.

In Enterprise

  • Fixed a “Wait Operation Timed Out” error when marking transactions as “Not Payable”.
  • Fixed an issue when submitted E-Verify cases would not show as verified.
  • Fixed an issue when calculating sales tax on ACA Surcharges.
  • Fixed incorrect PSD code mappings for Ohio school districts.
  • Fixed an error that would be received when adding/editing accruals within Enterprise.
  • Fixed an error that would be received when updating an accrual on an assignment within Enterprise.
  • Fixed an error that would be received when updating an accrual on a customer within Enterprise.

In HRCenter

  • Surveys on mobile devices will now appear larger.
  • Updated the following within the Mobile Friendly 2022 Federal W4:
    • Questions #11 and #13 allow each field to have an amount from 0 to 49. In the event a negative value or a value exceeding 49 is entered, the user receives the following message “This number should be between 0 and 49“.
  • Fixed an issue when completed workflows weren't being correctly given a "Date Completed".

In WebCenter

  • Fixed an issue where timecards were unable to be created within WebCenter.

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