Release Notes: 03/09/2018

∞Version 2018.3.9



  • Added unit totals to the time entry grid, this works the same as the hours totals. Now, if you have the “Units” column set to display and set a timecard grouping, the unit total will be displayed at the end of each grouping.  The unit total has also be added in Dispatcher.


  • Improved performance in the following reports:
    • Federal Tax Deposit
    • Payroll Summary by Employee
    • Invoice Aging Summary
  • In the abandon ACH run wizard in Pay/Bill > Payroll > Manage electronic payment files (ACH/PosPay) the amount column for ACH runs was including paycard amounts. This could cause confusion when abandoning ACH files because the ACH amount on that screen could mismatch the actual amount in the ACH file if there were paycards processed. Updated the Fx_GetCompletedACHRuns procedure to only view transactions with ACH bank types.
  • Updated the Security Group restrictions to ensure that Service Reps do not have more than one security type. 


  • Fixed an error when trying to add/change employee bank routing number in 3 tier environments. Previously, after updating a bank routing number, the field would appear blank and the form would be dirty; the data was stored but not displaying correctly. These issues have been corrected.
  • Users can now successfully print a W2C where the employer state ID is at 15 characters.
  • Corrected scenario where duplicate adjustment rules were being inserted in the cafs125 import when the same file was uploaded more than once by different users.
  • Updated the procedure (YE_Print_W2C_2017) that is used when printing W2Cs to ensure that longer company street names will fit on the W2C properly.
  • Updated the 2016 1095C reprint procedure to prevent data from other years being entered on top of one another on the printed document.



  • Corrected the “SSN and LastName Combo Validation on Registration” option. Previously, if this option was turned on, a new employee record would get created even though the record failed initial validation.


Rate Changes:   

  • Updated Louisiana income tax brackets.
  • Updated Cleveland Heights, Ohio local tax rate from 2% to 2.25%.
  • Updated Vermilion, Ohio local tax rate from 1% to 1.5%


  • Employees will now have a W2C generated in situations where the only difference between their original W2 and the W2C was that Box 14 was missing information.



  • Did some behind the scenes work to enable the ability to sort by CustomerId when searching for Customers in Beyond. This will be added to Beyond in the future.

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