Beyond - How to Utilize Email Templates

What are Email Templates?

Email templates allow you to customize emails that are sent to large numbers of employees or customer contacts. Beyond allows you to create, configure, and manage employee and contact email templates.

In this article: 

  1. How to Use Email Templates in Beyond
  2. Utilizing Personalized Information
  3. Additional Options

Helpful Information

Before you begin utilizing email templates within Beyond, please review the following Knowledge Base articles for additional information:

*Note* There is a limit of 100 recipients when sending an email while using an email template. 

How to Use Email Templates in Beyond

At this time, Beyond email templates can only be used for emails you send to employees or customer contacts. This means there are only two template types to choose from: Employee Templates and Contact Templates.

The following data fields work in Beyond:

Field NameEmployee TemplateContact Template
First NameXX
Last NameXX
Middle NameX
Street 1XX
Street 2XX
Municipality (City) XX
Region (State)XX
Postal CodeXX
Branch Full NameX
Branch PhoneX
Branch EmailX
Branch Street 1X
Branch Street 2X
Branch City/TownX
Branch State/RegionX
Branch Postal CodeX
Web UsernameX
Company Name
Department Name
Employer Company Name

You can use email templates anytime you use email in Beyond. Keep in mind that when you email employees, you will only see Employee Templates. When you are emailing customer contacts, you will only see Contact Templates.

*Note* Before you can utilize email templates in Beyond, you must first set up your initial email in Beyond. Check out Beyond - Email Setup for more information.

To utilize email templates in Beyond, there are two methods:

  1. Select Recipient(s) and Choose a Template from the Email Composer
  2. Compose an Email from the Email Template

Select Recipient(s) and Choose a Template from the Email Composer

You can use email templates to send an email to either one employee/customer contact or multiple employees/customer contacts. 

To email one employee or customer contact:

  1. Select their email on their record.
  2. A pop-up will ask "How would you like to compose this email?" Select Use Beyond. This will open the email composer.

To email multiple employees or contacts:

Select employees or customer contacts from the Search Results.

Once you have selected your desired number of recipients, click the bright pink tab on the upper left of your search results.

*Note* See example below. The text on this pink tab will vary depending on the number of emails you select and whether you're emailing employees or customer contacts.

Once you click the pink tab, you will see a drop-down menu. Select 'Email Recipients'. This will open the email composer:

Select the Email Templates icon, located on the bottom right of the email composer:

*Note* When you select an email template, it will clear anything you have written in the compose section.

Select your desired template:

The template will fill the body of the email:

Once the template has been chosen, verify that all of the information is presented correctly and select 'Send Emails' once complete.

*Note* There is a limit of 100 recipients when sending an email while using an email template.

Compose an Email from the Email Template

The second option to send emails in Beyond using email templates is to utilize the 'Compose from Template' option.

Begin by navigating to B Menu > System Settings > Templates.

*Note* In order to see the Templates area of System Settings, you will need to have the "General Administrate" permission.  If you are missing this functionality and you are the Admin for your team, reach out to your TempWorks Account Manager or our TempWorks Support Team.

Highlight the template you want to send emails from and select the 'Compose from Template' option within the three dot menu to the right of the email template you want to copy:

The Compose Email from Template window will appear and you will have the following options:

  • Select the employee or contact recipients (depending on the template type)
  • Select the From email account

By selecting 'Additional Actions', you have the ability to link additional records as well as add the ability to log a message on the respective employee or contact file:

You also have the ability to add additional Data Fields within the email along with updating the severity and importance of the email by selecting the Insert Data Fields icon and gear icon respectively:

*Note* In the event the incorrect email template was selected when composing the email, you can change the template by selecting a different one within the dropdown menu located to the right of the template name:

Once the required fields have been completed, and the email composition looks correct, select 'Send' to finish the process.

Utilizing Personalized Information

Seeing Personalized Information

Sending out a mass email doesn't have to feel impersonal. Our email templates auto-populate with specific information from individual contacts, ensuring that each recipient receives a personalized email. 

For example, take an email's standard greeting. For most emails, you will probably prefer the greeting to begin with an individual recipient's name. Our email templates ensure this happens. 

When you first select the email template, it will look like this in the composition field: 

But when a contact receives the email, they will only see their own name in the greeting: 

Adding information

You can also customize personalized fields after you've selected a template. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Move your cursor to the place in you want to insert a new field. 
  • Select the Email Templates icon on the lower right.
  • Select your desired personalized field (Primary phone, first name, last name, Street 1, etc)
  • The email will now auto populate with the correct information from each individual recipient.

*Note* You can also add information fields to the subject line to customize the email. 

Additional Options

Once you've added an email template, you can still use a lot of the customization options that Beyond Email has to offer. Here are some ideas to take your email a step farther:

  • Type in additional information or format text
  • Add your signature
  • CC an email (note that when you CC someone on a templated email, they will be copied on the email to each individual)
  • Don't forget to add your message action code!

Looking for more information on all the options available, check out Beyond - How to Email in Beyond.

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