Monthly Maintenance

TempWorks performs routine maintenance on our hosted environment once per month on the first weekend following the second Tuesday of the month. During maintenance, Microsoft updates are applied, systems are adjusted to improve security and reliability, hardware improvements are made, and network architecture changes are performed. Maintenance is completed in two segments to minimize the impact.

Friday (9:00 PM CST to Midnight CST)

  • All SQL database servers will be rebooted. 
  • During this time, interruption in ALL services are possible.
  • Due to TempWorks' High-Availability Architecture, most users will not experience ANY outages, as services will transition to redundant SQL servers during the maintenance window.

Saturday & Sunday (All Day)

  • All non-SQL servers will be rebooted, in a "rolling reboot" where servers are rebooted in several smaller batches.
  • This will affect various products as their respective servers are restarted. 
  • For example, WebCenter will be unavailable during the time WebCenter servers are rebooting, DataPortal servers (3-tier Enterprise Infinity) will be unavailable while DataPortal servers are being rebooted, etc.
  • Each service should be down for less than one hour each- most will be down for less than 20 minutes.
  • Due to the nature of the "rolling reboots," exact down-times for each service are not available.

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