Release Notes: 06/24/2016

Whats New Version ∞2016.6.24:

  • Added Public Job title to the enhanced search items on order searches.
  • Created a config that will make an error come up if a user is attempted to submit CIA background checks at any hierarchy level other than branch. This is turned off by default. (CIARequireBranchLevel)
  • Added two new frequency types (OneTime, BiWeekly) for use under the sales pipeline details area. This is under Customer > Details > sales & service.
  • Removed counts from the HrCenter tiles in Enterprise. This was causing some confusion since they represented system level numbers.
  • Added validations to the ACA Family member on the employee record. (Employee > Details > ACA) “Family” in between “Details” and “Comments” will appear red when data is invalid. Added tool tip messages as well to let the user know what data is exactly invalid.
  • Previously, HrCenter Admin users could not deactivate/exclude default forms in HrCenter. Now users have the option to exclude those default forms without deactivating the form for everybody.


  • Modified the ContactMethod_IUTrig trigger to trim the contact method field that is inserted or updated.  This will get rid of any leading or trailing spaces that are entered when adding contact methods.
  • Fixed an adjustment miscalculation issue that would sometimes come up when processing timecards with non-sequenced adjustments that used the Min After Calc setting.
  • Removed the print payroll option “Print all live and opt out checks” when the config IsWC5Installed is set to 0. Using this option with the config set to 0 would cause check numbering issues.
  • The tear off search results window would previously navigate to an employee record if you right clicked on an employee. Now this won’t occur.
  • First Day Call function from the assignment search results work properly again.
  • Fixed an E-Verify Birth Date must not be specified error come coming up incorrectly.
  • ACA Family members would previously not update/save when editing multiple at a time. Now it will.
  • Fixed a white color scheme that could come up for some users when opening Enterprise.
  • Corrected an error that could come up when previewing an invoice with timecards.
  • Removed the adjustable header line that would cross through the mailbox on Gmail accounts.
  • Fixed a rare issue that could cause customer messages to be logged multiple times when emailing invoices through the invoice registry.
  • Assignment enhanced searches would sometimes not return the correct results when using the “=” operator. Now they will return more accurately.


  • Updated South Dakota’s state rate from 4% to 4.5%.
  • Added a 1% tax rate for Mt. Victory Ohio.
  • Added Sales tax zip code link for zip code 45344 to County of Clark.
  • Added Sales tax zip code link for zip code 45246 to Butler County.


  • Improved error messages and validations when there is duplicate data in the survey area.
  • Previously users couldn’t bypass the ADP or Equifax pages when completing a workflow even though it wasn’t marked as required. Now applicants can bypass these steps if the HrCenter admin has it set to not be required.
  • The date picker on the Identification page now only allows a user to pick a date that is todays date 10 years from now and doesn’t allow past dates.
  • You can now add form fields in IE when using the form builder.
  • Reworked HRC admin error handling.
  • The block category drop down when adding/editing an HrCenter form has been updated to look easier on the eyes.
  • Now preventing historical dates for date available fields.


  • On the mobile employee timecard list view, there was no way to see the rejected reason if the timecard was rejected by the customer contact. Now mobile users can see the rejected reason.
  • The problem is that on the employee calendar availability section, there was no validation if the start date is after the end date. We added validation to the recurrence section to validate that the start date is not after the end date.
  • The problem was that on the Customer invoice details section, when you hovered over the timecard tool tip, it would give you an error if the timecard was a unit timecard. Updated the code so it will check correctly if we are to display the unit bill rate information.      
  • The problem was that after searching for something the location search box on the search screen would always show the UK text in the box.

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