Beyond - Using Sense Integration

How to Utilize Sense

With the credentials entered, the integration is ready to be utilized. The Sense integration is used via the following methods:

  1. Sense Chrome Extension
  2. Sense Web App
  3. Manually Syncing Records

*Note* Please see the Sense Knowledge Base for further instruction on the other tools that the Sense integration supports.

Sense Chrome Extension

The Sense Chrome Extension can be used to parse record information in order to send individual and mass messages.

The following information is parsed from the webpage into Sense:

  • Name
  • Phone Number

For more information, including setup instructions for the extension, please see the Extension Settings article within Sense's Knowledge Base.

*Note* The web browser extension is currently only available within Google Chrome.

The following is an example process of sending a message from the Sense Chrome Extension:

  1. Run a search for the record type you would like to send a text message to.
  2. Once the search is complete, click on the Sense Extension icon at the bottom right of the page.
  3. Upon clicking on the Sense icon, the extension sidebar will open:
  4. Select 'New Message' and then select 'Grab Numbers From Screen'. The extension will automatically parse the cell phone numbers and find contacts that are stored within Sense for text messages to be sent.
  5. Once the contacts are found, you will have the option to add all to a mass text message, or select a single contact from the list. For this example, we will select 'Add All Contacts to Message'.
  6. With the option selected, you will see all of the phone numbers added within the 'To:' field along with the option to remove landline numbers (highlighted in red). Considering messages cannot be sent to landline number, we will remove them from the recipient list:
  7. With the correct phone numbers selected, the message can be entered within the 'Type a message' field and then the 'Send' option can be selected.
  8. If the message was not scheduled to be sent, a warning will appear within the extension side bar, verifying that you want the message to be sent to the listed recipients. Select the 'Broadcast Now' option to continue:
  9. Once the message has been sent, you will see the mass text, along with the recipients, within the sidebar:
  10. Once the message has been sent successfully, the conversation will be saved as a message on the respective record within Beyond:

Sense Web App

While the Sense Chrome Extension is a great tool to send mass text messages to many contacts, the Sense Web App provides much more analytical information along with being a hub for message management.

In addition to sending messages through the web app, you can also do the following:

  • View analytics on messages that have been sent
  • Schedule messages to send
  • View and interact with contacts and previous messages
  • Configure settings

The following is an example process of sending a message from the Sense Web App:

  1. Navigate to your Sense Web App (personalized URL provided by Sense)
  2. Select the 'Messages' tab on the left:
  3. Select 'New Message' at the top right
  4. Enter the name or the phone number of the contact that you would like to send a message to:
  5. If a contact is found that matches the information entered, it will appear as able to be selected.
  6. Select the contact record that you would like to send a message to and you will be able to either send a message to that one contact, or add further contacts within the 'To:' field by searching for another name or phone number:
  7. With our contact selected, enter the message you would like to send within the 'Send a Message' field, and select 'Send':
  8. Once the message has been sent successfully, the conversation will be saved as a message on the respective record within Beyond:

Manually Syncing Information with Sense

While information saved in Beyond syncs to Sense within 24-48 hours, you can manually push information to Sense when you are updating a record. 

Once you've updated information on a record, if you want to push the update to Sense, you can manually sync the information using the Sense Syncing Charm on any record: 

Select the SYNC button to update with Sense. This charm will also let you know the last date this record was synced. 

Keep in mind that Sense requires specific information in order to sync data from a record.

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