Release Notes: 06/23/2017

Version ∞2017.6.23:



  • When an employee does not have a maximum deduction set up for an adjustment that is linked to an employer paid portion, users will get an error when attempting to process payroll. This error has been updated to be more user friendly and state which employee has an invalid adjustment.
  • Optimized the Employee Message Report.

  • Optimized the Contact Message Report.

  • Updated the Message Productivity report to remove duplicate entries. Also, the Customer and Contact columns were modified to display the number of contacts or customers a single message is linked to if the message is linked to more than 1.


  • Fixed an issue that caused invoice adjustments could become uneditable if two service reps had edited the same adjustment.

  • Corrected an “Object is not valid and can not be saved” error when previewing an invoice. This error would occur when previewing an invoice with adjustment text between 70 and 75 characters long. Enterprise validation now allows 75 characters on invoice text for adjustments.

  • Fixed a rare circumstance that could result in a timecard's gross being set to zero when refreshing the timecard from an assignment containing a bill rate change after payroll was processed.


  • Added TWAPI procedures for setting up contact and order interest codes.

  • Added TWAPI procedures to allow for edits on employee interest codes.

  • Added grant execute permissions for payadmin, payclerk, and sr for function IsNullOrEmpty.



  • Fixed a potential hierarchy issue regarding interest codes on the Skills page. Users may have to use the 'Refresh the Cached Lists' option in the tools section of the HrCenter admin page.



  • Candidates now are sorted by their candidate status alphabetically in the customer order candidate review page.


Rate Changes:

  • Updated Oregon Tri-Met tax to .72%.

  • Updated Oregon Tri-Lane tax to .7437%.

  • Updated Oregon tax tiers.

  • Franklin KY eliminated max annual tax.

  • McCreary County KY increased county tax from 1% to 1.5%.

  • Mt Sterling KY tax has been set to 1%.

  • Mt. Sterling KY removed Occupational License Fee.

  • Rayne Twp PA added non resident rate of .5%.

  • Lancaster TWP PA increased LST to $52.

  • Spartansburg Boro PA increased LST to $52.

  • Tyrone Twp, Perry County, West Perry School District, PA added LST of $52.

  • Limestone Twp, Warren County, PA decreased the resident rate from 1% to .5%.


  • Added Austin Center JEDD to zip code 45342.


  • Removed exempt paycodes from the jurisgross for FL mag media procedures.

  • Added a default tier in PrTaxTierRoot for the Hawaii disability juris "HISDIC".

  • Cleaned up code for HI tax calculations.

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