Enterprise - The Order Avatar & Icons

An order's avatar area displays important details of the record, including the customer name, department, job title, order id, and number of openings on the order. 

Active Status

If the order is currently active, the status icon will display as , orders that have been closed or deactivated will display a  icon.


Incomplete tasks associated with the Order are visible within the avatar area.

  • To preview details on individual tasks, hover over the check mark icon (pictured below). 
  • Clicking on the task highlighted by your cursor will open its details.

To learn more about tasks, check out How to Utilize Tasks

Unfilled Orders

The  icon indicates the order is currently unfilled; when the amount of employees assigned to the order meets or exceeds the amount listed in the "required" field of its details page, this icon will automatically disappear. 

Action Bar Icons

The actions bar displays the following icons:

 Add a New RecordWill open the add new order form.
 Actions MenuWill display a variety of options and functionality to run on the record
 ReportsWill display order specific reports
 FavoritesFunctioning in a similar fashion to a web browser's bookmarks, this allows a user to set an unlimited number of their favorite order records and quickly access them
 Tearaway PageOpens up a second window displaying the current page being viewed, allowing the user to view information for the order while navigating elsewhere in Enterprise. See The Tearaway Page for more information.
 SearchWill bring users to the order search section of Enterprise. Check out Enterprise - Order Searching for more information. 
 Previous and Next Search Result RecordClicking the up arrow will take the user to the same area of the order record being viewed, but on the record of the previous search result. Clicking the down arrow will take the user to the next order search result, also displaying the same area of their record.

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