Integration Overview

TempWorks Integration Partners 

In order to help provide the best experience with our software, we have teamed up with some amazing partners to bring even more functionality to our system. 

Click on any partner name to learn more about their integration with us. 

Integration Categories: 

Automated Voice & Text

Communication is key to keeping your temporary employees happy and for filling orders faster. Our automated voice and text integration partners deliver the communication and texting tools your recruiters need to reach candidates and fill orders quickly.

Text-Em-All Overview

TextUs Overview  *Beyond Only 

Sense Overview *Beyond Only

Background Checks

Our background check integration partners offer the best screening tools in the industry to make sure you have the criminal, verification and drug testing results you need to make wise hiring decisions and protect your staffing agency’s reputation.

Asurint Background Screening Solutions Overview  *Beyond Only

Crimcheck Overview  *Beyond Only

First Advantage Overview

PeopleG2 Overview

Universal Background Screening Overview *Beyond Only

Candidate Management

The following integration partners allow for enhanced candidate and job order management.

Data Frenzy Integration

Haley Marketing Integration

Employee Benefits

Offering the right employee benefits package can help boost temporary employee engagement and retention. Our benefits partners offer affordable and customizable benefits packages to fit your staffing agency’s budget and meet your temporary employees’ needs.

Essential StaffCare Overview  *HRCenter Page Supported


E-Verify is a government run web platform that helps your team confirm that your employees or applicants are eligible to work in the United States. We integrate with E-Verify in Enterprise and Beyond to allow you to create a case and complete confirmation through E-Verify without ever leaving the employee's profile in our system.

E-Verify Overview

Pay Card Providers

Pay-cards are a simple and easy way to pay your employees, even employees who don’t have a bank account. Our pay-card integration partners deliver the solutions you need to make sure your employees receive the flexible payment options they’re looking for.

ADP Wisely Overview  *Enterprise Only

Rapid Paycards

Skills, Training, & Assessments

Our Skills and Assessment integration partners help your staff quickly assign and view results of training, skills evaluations, etc. 

Provides Integrity Tests and Sexual harassment and hostile workforce prevention training course. To learn more, check out Insight Worldwide Integration Overview  *HRCenter Page Supported

Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC) 

Our tax credit integration partners help your staffing agency maximize the benefits of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) program, which rewards employers who hire individuals from groups that have previously faced barriers to employment.

ADP SmartCompliance WOTC Overview  *HRCenter Page Supported & Export Capability In Enterprise 

Clarus Solutions WOTC Overview  *HRCenter Page Supported & Export Capability In Enterprise 

CTI WOTC Integration  *HRCenter Page Supported

Equifax Integration   *HRCenter Page Supported

Experian WOTC Integration   *HRCenter Page Supported

MJA WOTC Integration *HRCenter Page Supported & Export Capability In Enterprise 

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