Beyond - Emailing Pay Notifications

Emailing Pay Notifications

Before you Email Pay Notifications

Setup an Email Template:

There are a couple of best practices to follow before you begin emailing pay notifications from Beyond and the first is to create an email template specifically for this purpose. For example: 

Link a Bulk Email Account:

The second recommended best practice is to confirm that the user who will be emailing notifications has linked a bulk emailer account within Beyond. This is recommended because sending mass emails (like a pay notification) from a standard email account can result in the account and mail being flagged as spam. Different email services have different daily limits for what can be sent - a "bulk" email feature is defined by your email provider, not by TempWorks/Beyond. 

How to Email Pay Notifications

Every week, your employees pay stubs are automatically posted to WebCenter/Buzz regardless of whether you are emailing a pay notification. That being said, if you want to go the extra mile and send an email notification to let your employees know that their paystubs are available you can do that with just a few quick clicks in Beyond: 

  1. From the employee advanced search  select to + a new rule
  2. Type "check date" in the field to search by this value
  3. If you want to notify all employees you've paid this week, you'll likely want to set the middle parameter to is "IS ON OR AFTER" 
  4. Enter this weeks primary pay date then select to run the search 
  5. Select all search results
  6. Expand the ∨ icon and select to email all recipients
  7. From the template menu, select your new Pay Notification template and send

If you are opting to save this search, be sure to de-select the actual date field before saving. You should always be prompted to enter a date, as the check date changes every week:

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