New Jersey Temporary Worker Bill of Rights (S511)


The state of New Jersey has signed into law bill S511, or more commonly known as the Temporary Worker Bill of Rights. With the signing of this bill into law, TempWorks has built out reports and recommendations in order to meet the requirements of this new law.

*Note* For more information on this bill, please see the bill text within the New Jersey Legislature website, found here.

Requirements & Recommendations

If you conduct business within the state of New Jersey, you will need to do the following:

*Note* The sections referenced in the below instructions are based on the sections within the bill text, found here.

  1. Section 3 requires the Service Firm provide the temporary laborer with a notification form at the time of dispatch.  TempWorks is adding a report named "NJ Employee Assignment Notice" that will fill out as much detail as possible on the "Temporary Laborer Assignment Notification" from the assignment into the form that was provided from the state. In order for the information to populate correctly on this form, all information needed on the form must be filled out correctly on the order. TempWorks will need your workers comp provider information in order to hard code this into the form for you. After the report is run, we recommend logging a message on the employee record with the report attached for documentation purposes. 
    • Action Required: Please provide TempWorks Support with the name, street address, city, state, zip, and phone number for your workers compensation carrier. 
  2. Section 3 requires that in the case of an employee requesting work but is not provided an assignment, upon request, you are to provide the temporary laborer with a confirmation that they sought work, signed by an employee at your firm, the name and address of the temporary laborer, and the date and time that the temporary laborer receives the confirmation. 
    • Action Suggested: TempWorks suggests creating an email template in Beyond that can be sent out at the time of request from the temporary laborer. In addition, TempWorks recommends logging that communication on the employee record with the message action code “Work Sought WO Assignment”. You will be able to view all messages logged with this message action code using the “Work Sought with no Assignment” report that was added to your database. 
      • The email template should include name of your firm, name and address of temporary laborer, and the date and time that the temporary laborer receives the confirmation.
  3. Section 6 requires the addition of some information on your check styles so that the employee’s pay stub reflects the required information. 
    • Action Required: You will need to reach out to TempWorks Support to modify your check styles to meet the requirements that are not currently reflected on the employees pay stub. 
      • You should include name, address, and telephone number of each third party client at which the temporary laborer worked. You should also include the number of hours worked by the temporary laborer at each third party client each day during the pay period. If the temporary laborer is assigned to work at the same work site of the same third party client for multiple days in the same work week, the temporary help service firm may record a summary of hours worked at that third party client's worksite so long as the first and last day of that work week are identified as well.

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