Release Notes: 06/16/2017

Version ∞2017.6.15:



  • Added new logic for the ability to correct check dates and apply validation so the user is aware of invalid dates. This is a 3 tier permission scheme that allows varying users different abilities.
    • Beginner level - User does not have "Can override date on check reversal" permission.
      • Check Date field is disabled for editing.
    • Intermediate level - User has "Can override date on check reversal" permission" but does not have "Allow Invalid Void Checkdate" permission.
      • Check Date field is enabled, however validation errors are enforced and user is not allowed to click "Next" button if validation fails. An  Error message is displayed in the Message field if the check date is invalid.
    • Advanced level - User has both "Can override date on check reversal" and "Allow Invalid Void Checkdate" permissions.
      • Check Date field is enabled and validation errors are not enforced so the user can continue. A warning message is displayed in the Message field if the check date is invalid.
    • Added a new secrole “VI” (Allow Invalid Void Checkdate) to give users the ability to allow invalid void check dates.
  • Added a new config that will determine whether the default check date picked when voiding should be the original check date or today’s check date. This config is called VoidCheckDefaultDateMode and TempWorks Support will have to update this for you.


  • Accrual tier maximums now support four decimal places of precision to match the precision we use to calculate and store accrual amounts. This includes Anniversary Max Balance, Annual Max Accrue, Annual Max Balance, Period Max Accrue, and Period Max Balance.
  • Modified the accrual check during a payroll run calculation to no longer throw an error when an employee is being paid under a paycode that doesn't apply to the accrual setup in All Options > Accruals.
  • Added email validation for creating a new web user by invitation. Also, when attempting to edit a web user with an existing invalid email, users will be alerted to what email address is invalid and needs to be fixed.


  • Users have to option to use the same check numbers when reprinting a payroll run. 
  • Enterprise would previously error if a user attempted to update the ACA Max Employee Contribution to anything above 9.5% of gross. This limit has now been raised to 9.69% of gross.
  • You can no longer reverse Authority Checks.



  • Accordion pages such as Work History, References, Education, etc. have been updated based on feedback from the TempWorks Community Forum. Thanks for all the suggestions!


  • Modified the postfill on the default MI State W4 to accounting for employees claiming exempt.  The postfill will now set allowances to 99 in this case.
  • If an entity is setup with the below interest codes, it will post fill them to the employee interest codes. If an entity does not have the below interest codes setup, it will not post fill them. This is when an applicant fills out the Language page.
    • Speak English
    • Write English
    • Speak Spanish
    • Write Spanish
    • Speak French
    • Write French
    • Speak German
    • Write German
    • Speak Other
    • Write Other



  • Added a new option for WebCenter federal timecard templates to show a second shift. If the second shift is enabled the Break2 and Lunch2 In/Out fields will display under the second shift, if they are enabled too.


  • Optimized loading time clock time cards in WebCenter.
  • Optimized loading the Users tab for Service Reps in WebCenter.


Rate Changes:

  • Added four Oregon employer paid taxes.
    • Canby OR - .6%
    • Molalla OR - .5%
    • Sandy OR - .6%
    • Wilsonville OR - .5%


  • Shortened “County of Snohomish Unincorp. Public Transportation Benefit Area - WA Sales Tax” to be “County of Snohomish Unincorp. Public Trans Benefit Area - WA Sales Tax”. This is to prevent truncation errors from occurring invoice calculations.


  • Zip code 92610 is now linked to Foothill Ranch city. 

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