Release Notes: 09/16/2016

Enterprise Version ∞2016.9.16:

  • Previously, when you change parent customer from the actions menu, it didn’t update the rootcustomerid of the departments and sub-departments of the customer you moved. Now it will.
  • When an AR posting batch is abandoned, the associated payments are deleted.  When the payments are deleted, ARInvoicePayDelTrig is triggered and the payment amount is removed from the invoice.  Because the run was never posted, the payment was never reflected on the invoice.   When the payment that was never reflected on the invoice is removed from the invoice, the result is an incorrect Pay Amount on the invoice.  Corrected the ARInvoicePayDelTrig trigger to recalculate the total amount of all remaining payments for the invoice and apply that total as the Pay Amount.
  • Added additional logging when paying invoices (so paying, updating, deleting, etc.). These logs are stored in the ArInvoicePayLog table.
  • Added additional logging when any change has been made to a check. The table these logs are stored in is called PrCheckLog.
  • Added a check for CheckModifyTimeLimit configs that may exist. This config sets a time limit in hours for how long a rep without the CM secrole can Void, Reverse, and Reissue a check after the printdate on the check. The default is NULL
  • Removed the existing Annual and isthreshold accruals. We have no intention of developing the system to support annual and threshold accruals in the immediate future. Removing options because they are misleading for our clients.
  • Previously, when emailing paystubs to employee in very large runs , sometimes the paystubs would get sent to the same employee two or three times. Now this won’t occur.
  • When a user changed the Tax State on an employee record in Enterprise, the local taxes would disappear as well in Enterprise, but they would still appear on the employee's record.  This would cause taxes to be deducted on the employee's checks even though the pay setup screen appears to be correct.  Added logic that will null these values out if they do not match the newly assigned Tax State.
  • Added back the ability to modify username for Web User Accounts.
  • Added an English-Britain option when assigning HrCenter workflows to employees. This option didn’t exist previously and was causing UK employees not be able to complete HrCenter workflows because only English US existed.


  • Edgerton Ohio is now collected by RITA


  • Put a fix in place to prevent duplicate skill codes to display when creating an order request in WebCenter.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Approved Web Timecard Detail report to display total hours as 0 if users were using shifts other than shift 1.


  • Skill codes with special characters in them were causing runtime errors when searching for jobs. Illegal characters will now be replaced with spaces to prevent this issue from occurring.


  • Employers business or organizations address now only fills out the Employers name and Street portion of the address on the I-9. This was previously prefilling too much information.
  • Found an issue that was causing the dependents field to not be filled out on the employee record on the Alabama A4. Now it will.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing UK HrCenter employees to not be able to complete workflows.
  • Previously, if a user did not fill out a form correctly (forgot to enter something into a required field for example), they would get an error stating that they need to fix this before they can continue. The continue button however, wouldn’t be selectable and would be stuck in a “loading” state. The button now won’t be stuck in this state in this situation. 

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