Release Notes: 02/03/2017

What's New Version ∞2017.2.3:

  • Updated GMEst to only calculate using the SUTA and FUTA percentages that fall within the current date. Adjusting the Pay/Bill settings on an order will update the GMEst.
  • Corrected an issue that could cause the edit pencil icon on invoice line items to be unavailable to select when editing large invoices.
  • Removed the "Send Error Report" when encountering an error in Enterprise. All errors are already being logged and tracked. 
  • Previously, editing a 1094 worksheet year to 2017 caused object reference error. Now this won’t occur.
  • Fixed miscellaneous Evaluation issues including:
    • Navigating to Customer > Evaluations currently shows you evaluations that are associated with that customer. Clicking on the search button would previously net a "The property name 'title' does not exist" error whether you edit the search criteria or not. This no longer occurs.
    • Navigating to Customer > Evaluations and double clicking on an evaluation record will bring up the record, however it failed loading any employee information in the top left corner. This no longer occurs.
    • Fixed the Evaluations area so that it searches correctly again. The branch drop down will now populate branches based on a user’s hierarchy level.
  • Fixed miscellaneous Dispatcher issues including:
    • Abandoning an instant pay run during the proofing screen would previously net a DataPortal update failed error. Now this won’t occur.
    • Removed the ability to Cancel Dispatcher tickets when they are currently in a payroll run.
    • The Dispatch Printed flag was errantly being set during the Pay completed process. This is not what this flag is for and will no longer say a ticket has been printed when only the check has.
    • If the GLS bank account record is set to not use preprinted check stock, the “Check Number” field in the instant pay run settings window would be blank and only a floating red exclamation would show; this field was never meant show if the bank is set in this fashion. Now the field won’t show at all in this scenario.
    • Improved performance when navigating the main Dispatcher page. It’s important to note that once payroll is complete to click on “Finish” instead of “Save and Close” when you are finished with that ticket. “Save and Close” does not close the order, it only closes the window. The more open Dispatcher orders, the longer Dispatcher will take to load.


  • The city of Morral, OH has been added as a linked jurisdiction.
  • Added and repaired missing or incorrect Pennsylvania GeoLoc records.


  • Now, after users enter their username to reset their password, they are brought to an instructions page with the text "Please check your email for a link to reset your password."
  • Made various modifications to HrCenter layouts.
    • Updated footer style to be consistent site-wide.
    • Added footer to application and form pages.
    • Removed top row of overlapping control buttons.
    • Removed sidebar Tempworks logo from full page.
    • Removed Tempworks logo from HrCenter Mobile.
    • Changed margins on form input to 10px from 15px to increase mobile browsing and visibility. 
    • Fixed uploaded logo size display on mobile view. 
  • Updated explanation details for the External API Key field on the HrCenter Tenants page to be more specific.
  • Updated the workflow edit window to hide the previous button on the first step of a workflow during editing.
  • The HrCenter Mobile sign in page’s “Continue Application” and “Back” buttons have been repositioned to match the desktop sign in page.

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