Release Notes: 02/18/16

Enterprise (∞1602.18):

  • Previously, when 3 or more checks with accruals for the same weekend date are processed, the accrual amounts can be incorrectly updated to the Period Max on the 3rd + check. This will no longer happen.
  • Fixed some arithmetic overflow errors that could occur when generating GL where there are negative wages.
  • Previously, when there was more than one customer in the invoice run with the same type of adjustment, it was dividing the amount by the total count of transactions, not total per customer. Now it will.
  • Creating a new customer contact will now appear in the sales contact drop down on customer details without having to close and reopen Enterprise.
  • Corrected an issue that could cause some inactive invoice recipients to not show up in the error check when processing invoicing.
  • Removed all grouped payments that were not more than 0 dollars in the fx_GetCompletedACHRuns procedure. This was done to that the ACH management screen matches up better with the ACH file.
  • If an employee is assigned on an assignment that has multiple adjustments of a different type, Time Entry would display a timecard for each adjustment (though only one timecard is actually created) Only one row will be returned now instead of multiple.
  • Clicking on view employee from the assignment enhanced search screen will now correctly take you to the employee file.
  • Removed the “Count” field from Billing setup since it has been deprecated.
  • The message details area will no longer allow you to link Orders, Assignments, customers, etc. to orders, assignments, customers, etc. that aren’t related to one another. For example, you cannot create a message on customer A and link it to an Order for Customer B and an Assignment for customer C.
  • Fixed an object reference error when creating a new bank routing number on an employee record.


  • Hazleton Pennsylvania resident rate has been updated to 1.35%


  • Added a new timecard template for Unit based timecards. This can be created by a WebCenter Admin in the Timecards tab.

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