Enterprise - How to Reprint a Paycheck or Payroll Run

Users have the option to Reprint Payroll Runs through the system. Utilize this function if your company uses preprinted check stock with numbers and you have printed the wrong checks on the wrong check stock, your printer runs out of paper and the Payroll run is already marked as printed, there is a printer jam, or internet issues occur mid printing session.

Step 1: Navigate to (1.)Pay/Bill and select from the Actions drop down to access the (2.)Reprint Payroll Run functionality. Selecting this action will open the Payroll-Reprint window.

Step 2: Select the Payroll Run you wish to print by choosing from the WeekendBill drop down and selecting which Payroll Run you wish to push through the printing process. 

If you cancel or close the window before finishing this process, the payroll runs are marked as unprinted and thus can be found under Payroll - Print a payroll run. 

Step 3: After selecting to reprint, this will bring you to the Payroll Summary Form. Within this window Users will enter either the last check number that printed correctly or what check number reprinting should start at. Select from the drop to filter how you wish to print checks. 

Users may utilize the Check Register by payroll run report to help determine the check numbers that have been included within this Run by selecting the  icon. 

This report will display the live checks for the specific Payroll run you are selecting to Reprint.

Step 4: Once the Check number information is added select from the drop down what you wish to do with the Printing options:

Print all Checks- 

Print all checks within the check runPrint all live and opt out checks - Select this option to print all live checks or opt out checks ( if employees opt out of having electronic pay stubs only) viewing the stubs in WebCenter. 

Do not print Epay checks- 

If Epay checks exist within the Run, you may select to opt out of including them in the reprint. Within the Summary area users can determine if Epays are included based on the EPays column (currently showing 0).Once the necessary corrections have been inputted, select Next to finish the Reprint. 

Verify if the Reprint Printed correctly by comparing the First and Last Check Numbers on your printed check. If the Payroll Run is correct, select Yes to post the transactions and email paystubs if necessary. 

If the Reprint run is still having issues select No, to reprint the Check run. Users have the option to Reprint the Entire run or select which checks didn't print correctly.

Selecting Reprint a portion of the Payroll Run or Reprint the Entire Payroll run will bring you back to the Payroll Summary screen to update the checks you need to print again. 

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