Invoice Adjustment Register Report

Invoice Adjustment Register


This report displays a list of invoices within a given date range that possess an invoice adjustment. It yields the billing amount, the adjustment amount, as well as the invoice amount.


1. Start Date: Starting date of your desired date range

2. End Date: Ending date of your desired date range

3. Branch: A drop- down list of all branches in the user’s current hierarchy. Is a multi-value parameter so they can select all branches, just one specific branch, or any combination of different branches in the list.

4.  Date Filter: A drop- down determining what field your date range filters by.

a. Invoice Date 

b. Weekend Bill Date 

5. Customer Filter: Enter a client name to display that client's details only.

6. Group By

a. Date Filter

b. Due Date

C. Branch

d. Customer -Department

e. AdjText

f. No Grouping

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