How to Set up HRCenter Email Templates

How to Set up HRCenter Email Templates

Throughout HRCenter applicants as well as users will receive email notifications depending upon the actions performed throughout the stages of the application and hiring process. Email templates can be created for emailing when:      

  • A new page, step, or workflow is assigned
  • A step has been submitted
  • A step has been rejected

*Note* These email options can be turned on/off depending on users preference within the tenants section of administration. 

How to build email templates:

To customize or modify an email template, log into the HRCenter Administration Module. From the home screen, select the Tenants icon as shown: 

Within the settings section, locate the create or update a custom email template option, click 'Modify' template:

The "Choose Your Template" window will automatically populate. Users may toggle between the templates they wish to customize. 

Within the template, enter the sender email address, subject, and text information. 

Once done, select update and save. If you need the template to be in another language, select from the add localization dropdown and create the associated templates:

  1. New Item assigned: Sent out to applicant when a new page, step or workflow is assigned.
  2. Step submitted: Sent to the staffing company (the branch) to inform users the applicant has finished a step within the process.
  3. Step rejection: Sent to the branch if applicant enters unqualified information within a page.
    • For 2 & 3 above - what branch is it sent to? The branch that will receive the notification is the branch that the employee applied to. This is the branch that the applicant chose on the drop down on the HRCenter registration page.
    • For 2 & 3 above - how do I know what email is associated to that branch? Within enterprise go to administration. Choose the branch tab on the left had side. Select your branch. There will be an email field. The email in this field is where the notification will be sent.

An example template is shown below: 

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