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*Note*  If you are interested in utilizing the BuzzTM app, please contact your TempWorks Account Manager.

Buzz & Availability 

Whether your employees are at home or on the go, TempWorks Buzz connects staffing agency employees to the information they need from your staffing agency. To learn more about Buzz, check out What is Buzz

Availability Options

Within the Buzz app, employee's can be set up to report their availability, if configured. 

This Article Covers:

  1. Basic Availability
  2. Enhanced Availability
  3. Finding Availability in Enterprise/Beyond

Basic Availability

The basic version of availability allows the employee to mark themselves as available for the current day. 

How to Log Availability in Buzz

  1. From the Buzz Homescreen, select the 'I'm Available' button: 
  2. Once you have selected the button, you will see a message stating you are available today:

Want to know where to find this information in Enterprise/Beyond? Click here

Enhanced Availability

The enhanced version of availability will give the employees the option to mark themselves as available, partially available, or unavailable for the current or future date. 

Setting Availability

  1. From the Buzz Home screen, select the 'I'm Available' button
  2. Select the date you are logging in available
  3. Select the availability status
  4. Enter any notes
  5. Select Save

Managing Availability 

With the enhanced version of availability, employees can also manage their availability. 

  1. Navigate to More and select Availability
  2. Select the Manage Availability:
  3. Select the date you would like to add or change your availability for:
  4. Enter the new availability status:
  5. Add any additional comments:
  6.  Select Save:

Finding Availability in Beyond or Enterprise

When an employee marks themselves as available in Buzz, the recruiter can see their availability on their record in Enterprise or Beyond.


When an employee marks themselves as available, a message will be logged on their record and their information will be updated under activity tracker. 

Example Message Logged:

Activity Tracker: 

The Activity Tracker allows you to see a calendar view of the employee's availability schedule. 

For those with the enhanced availability option, a green dot indicates available, red is unavailable, and red/green is partially available. 

For more information, check out Activity Tracker


Under Enhanced Search, there is an Availability category where you can search by availability: 


When an employee marks themselves as available, a message will be logged on their record. 

Example Message Logged:


You can search for employees who have marked themselves as available by utilizing the Advanced Search options.

Select the Availability category to see all fields related to tracking availability:

Example Search:  

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