Release Notes: 08/13/2021

August has arrived and with it comes a release with some quality of life updates in Beyond.

*Note* For all self-hosted clients, as always, ensure you install all updates to give your users the best experience and new features.

The Highlights

End Date on the Assignment Card of the Employee File in Beyond

With this release, the End Date has been added within the Assignment card of the Employee visifile for additional ease of use.

*Note* This information is being populated from the End Date field of the Assignment record. Therefore, if no End Date is entered, you will see 'End Date: --' on the Employee visifile as noted within the last Assignment within the screenshot below. 

Link Directly to a Document in Beyond

With this release, you can now create a link directly to a document in Beyond to make the process of finding specific documents much more manageable.

*Note* For instructions on how to utilize this feature, please see the Beyond - Documents article.

Show Password Option in Beyond

With this release, you are now able to unmask a password as you type to ensure it's accurate. This option will appear everywhere passwords are entered in Beyond.

Below is an example of this feature being used when setting up a new email account in Beyond.

Additional Updates

In Beyond

  • Added additional validation on permissions when attempting to view and/or edit a document in Beyond.
  • Made improvements to ZipWhip message logging in Beyond.
  • Fixed an issue where the Double Time Rate would not update when using the "Extend Assignment" functionality in Beyond.
  • Fixed an issue where the Job Order Type dropdown would not show the description when creating a new Job Order in Beyond.

In Buzz

  • Fixed an issue where the name of the worksite was being included within the maps search results of the users default navigation app (Google Maps and Apple Maps), causing the search to show a "No results found" message.

In Enterprise

  • Fixed an issue where the Branch selection would be grayed out when adding a new 1094-c/1095-c worksheet.
  • Updated the default Payroll Summary report to include Georgia Employer Tax.

In HRCenter

  • Fixed an "Unsigned Documents" error that would occur when marking a workflow that contained signed and completed pages as "Complete".
  • Fixed an error that would occur when signing the Federal I9 as a Service Rep.

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