Release Notes: 05/19/2017

Version ∞2017.5.19:



  • Added a config type (FADVRequiredDocTypeId) for First Advantage background checks. This is disabled by default, but can be used to require that an employee have a document with a specific document type on their profile before a First Advantage background check can be submitted.


  •  Modified CtxnsCalcGP_ByInvoiceRun to update the Txns wccost to $0.00 in the case of a payrate being zeroed out after invoicing has been processed and a wccost was calculated. Also, modified procedure sInvAbandon to update the wccost to $0.00 when the invoice run has been abandoned.
  • Now if a user created and linked a message on Customers A & B and all associated contacts with Customers A & B, Enterprise always display one of the contact(s) related to the customer when looking at said message. Enterprise could previously display contacts from Customer B when you had opened said message on Customer A.
  • Updated the Conversion Summary report to make sure no errors or double result sets appear.
  • Optimized the State - Local Tax Deposit report to run a little quicker.


  • The standard payroll error for negative recurring adjustments was not being raised for advance bank adjustments. However, no adjustment should be processed with a negative amount if it is an adjustment on the employee's profile (like advance bank adjustments). The error will now be raised for any adjustments on employee files if they have a negative recurring amount.
  • The State - Local Tax Deposit report will no longer error when running the report with all compatible juris options selected.
  • Removed duplicate entries that may come up when running the PA LST Tax report.
  • Fixed a truncation error that could come up when running the Overtime Hours Audit report.
  • Found and corrected a rare issue that could cause Enterprise to hang up when looking at zipcodes on worksites.
  • When setting up a worksite for the state of Pennsylvania, some PSD codes were not showing up. Now they do.
  • Previously, if a user edited a contact method on an employee, only employee related contact method types would appear when adding contact methods on a contact method and vice versa. You will now only see contact methods relevant to the record you are adding contact methods to.


  • Modified the assignment root table.
    • Added two new columns (ParsedStarttime and ParsedEndtime) that will act as the parsed values of start and end time on assignment root.
    • Added a new procedure to parse time from string.
    • Added AssignmentRoot trigger to parse Starttime and Endtime.
  • Removed deprecated column RequireSysAdminPermission from Permission table.



  • The default EEO info block now restricts DOB to 1/1/1900 or later.


  • Made the disrespectful Form Builder Select (dropdown) elements respect the "required" checkbox moving forward.
  • When service reps are reviewing a submitted I-9 form in Enterprise, the DOB field no longer appears editable.
  • When new applicants are registering themselves, the email field was not validating correctly. Now applicants won't be able to submit invalid emails.



  • Fixed mismatching candidate numbers on vendor order page. The Vendor Orders page will now count ended assignments when calculating the number of Assigned and the number of Candidates Submitted.
  • Added the "Pending Approval" order status to the customer orders tab "Pending" quick filter.

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