Release Notes: 02/11/16

Enterprise (∞1602.11):

  • Reworded some error messages that a user could receive when printing W2s. This is so that the errors would make more sense.
  • Employees that have pay card information will now show up when processing payroll when the e-pay only check box is selected.
  • A default Two Factor authentication key has been added.
  • New York Yonkers resident tax now calculates more accurately.
  • Added logic to the New York mag media to more accurately report months worked, hours worked, and weeks worked when running the quarter end mag media employee detail report.
  • Added a carriage return on the final line of the New Jersey Mag media file.
  • Added the DefaultCustomerWeekendDay configtype. This config type controls what day should be the default weekend day when creating new customers. Contact TempWorks support if you would like this changed.
  • Abandoned AR batches will no longer show up or give you an error when trying to close the week.
  • Tasks can be coded to use a particular message action when logging a message.
  • Previously you couldn’t view an attachment that is listed on an email invoice template. Right click on the attachment and click on “View Attachment” when composing an email to view the attachment.
  • When trying to email the resume of a single order candidate, the system would email the resumes for every candidate on the order and not just the single one you had selected. Now the system will only email the resume of the candidate you selected instead of all of them.
  • The shift now displays correctly when creating new dispatcher tickets.
  • Addressed an issue that could cause the Mass update rates function to not update the rates correctly.
  • Previously when you logged a message on multiple orders for different customers, it wouldn’t show you the correct customer in some cases. Now going forward, multiple messages left on orders for multiple customers will always show you the correct customer that the message is attached to instead of the incorrect one.
  • The year now displays within the required document area. Previously it would just show the month and day.


  • Previously when attempting to send an SMS email from the employee search screen, the email window would never populate the employees information. Now it will.

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