ACA Employee Adjustments

ACA Reporting

If you are using Enterprise or Beyond to track ACA information, we have a few report options for auditing, reviewing, or pulling out important information. Keep in mind that you can also create your own custom options utilizing a custom ACA Search. Check out Auditing Employee Records with ACA Searches for more information on search options available in your system. 

Looking for a list of all ACA Report options available? Check out Affordable Care Act Reports Manual

Looking for the full reports manual? Check out Full Reports Manual.

Locating ACA Reports

ACA reports are listed in their own category under all options > reports in Enterprise: 

*Note* Reports in Enterprise require you to have specific security permissions. You will need to have access to the Affordable Care Act reports category in order to see or run any ACA related reports. Check out Enterprise - Security Roles for more information or talk to your admin if you are not seeing the reports you are expecting to. 

ACA Employee Adjustments

Purpose: This report allows you to see how much of the ACA insurance adjustments are being passed onto the employee and how much it is costing you as a company.  This report is designed to give you both a high level and a detailed view of your cost. Check out Managing ACA Adjustments for Employees for more information. 

This report lists out all ACA insurance adjustments processed on employees' checks for a given date range. Displays both employee paid portion and the relevant employer paid portion. 


Start DateThis is the starting date the report will use to report on check and adjustment information. 
  • Keep in mind this report can be run by Check Date (date of the check processed) or Weekend Bill (Sunday of the current processing week) depending on the Date Filter selected
End DateThis is the ending date the report will use to report on check and adjustment information. Start Date + End Date = Date Range
  • Keep in mind this report can be run by Check Date (date of the check processed) or Weekend Bill (Sunday of the current processing week) depending on the Date Filter selected
BranchSelect which branches you want to include on this report 
  • Keep in mind that you will only see branches available at your current hierarchy level so we recommend running this report at System, Subsystem, or Entity level to ensure the report pulls all applicable information.
Date FilterSelect whether you want to include adjustment information based on check date or weekend bill date for the selected start and end date of this report.
  • If check date is selected, all checks with a date within the date range will be included
  • If weekend bill is selected, all check information within the processing weeks of the date range selected will be included. 

For more information about payroll and date options, check out Pay/Bill Overview.

Group BySelect how you want the information on this report to be grouped and subtotaled by:
  • No Grouping: will display all line items without grouping or subtotaling
  • Adjustment: will group check and adjustment information by adjustment used. Great for when you are comparing different plans, etc. 
  • Employer: will group check and adj. information based on EINC or employer information. Great for when you want to compare plan costs by employer.
  • Branch: will group check and adju. information based on branch. Great for when you want to see breakdown or subtotals by branch
  • Check Date: will group by the date of the check in order to see subtotals by date
  • Check Number: will group by the number on the check. Use this option when you are filtering by employee to see changes by check
  • Employee: will group check and adj. information based on employee. This is great if you need to compare costs by employee
Employee FilterThis optional parameter allows you to narrow down the report to just one employee.
Type last name, first name in this field to narrow down the report. Otherwise, leave blank to display all relevant employees. 
Adjustment TypeBy default, all benefit related adjustments will be included in this report, but if you only want to see specific adjustments on your report, use the drop down next to Adjustment Type to select or deselect different adjustments. 
Check IDUse this filter if you want to see just the information related to a specific check. You will need to enter the Check ID number that you can find under check details or on the report.
Check out Enterprise - Employee Pay History for more information. 
Expand All Detail?This report is made to give you both an overview and a detailed look at ACA related adjustments in the system. 
  • If you are using the group by options, the report will show subtotals for each grouping. If you use the +, the report will expand the details of that grouping to see each check and adjustment amount.
  • If you change the Expand All Detail? to yes, then by default the details will be fully expanded. 
See the pictures below for examples

Expand All Detail? set to No:

Use the + next to each branch name to see more details

Expand All Detail? set to Yes

All details are already expanded and subtotals are listed at the bottom of each group.

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