Enterprise - How to Recast an Invoice

What Does it Mean to Recast an Invoice?

Recasting an invoice will update any non financial data such as; department name, supervisor name, PO number (from assignment), cost center (from timecard), job title, employee name, report to, remit address, payment address, payment term code, due date, etc.

How to Recast an Invoice

Recast invoice example:

 For example, in the invoice preview below, we can see that the invoice is addressed to: Leenane Manufacturing 4236 1st Ave. Eagan, MN 55121

We then discover this is where their main office is located, but that invoices should be sent to: 2379 Hamilton Ave. Maplewood, MN 55109

Step 1: Correct the Information on the Customer/Order/Assignment

Based on our example above, we are going to update the billing address but you may need to add or update a PO number, department name, etc. 

Navigate to the details page of the customer record, and update the billing address:

Step 2: Recast the Invoice

After saving changes, navigate back to the invoice details page of the invoice with the incorrect address. Once there, expand the actions menu and select to recast invoice.


Upon selection, a recasting invoice window will immediately open asking you to confirm that you would like to recast this invoice. Select yes to proceed.


The invoice will immediately be updated to reflect the changes made to the address. 

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