WebCenter - Intro to Administration

What is WebCenter?

TempWorks makes it easy for people to do business with you through our online portal, which allows clients and internal staff to access timely information and reports at any time. 

Effortlessly connect to your teams, ensure relevant information flows both ways, and improve operational control. Best of all, candidates can log in via a web browser or from the staffing industry’s first native mobile app for employee engagement.

WebCenter has employee, customer contact, and vendor portals.

Getting Access to the Administration Portal

A WebCenter Admin is a service rep with the ability to log into WebCenter in order to manage users, set security levels, and turn on or off different WebCenter features. Typically, these credentials are setup for administrators or managers that will be using the WebCenter Admin Portal to configure options for the employees, customer contacts, and vendors that will use this portal to communicate with your staffing company. 

How to Setup Admin Credentials

*Note* In order to setup admin credentials for a user, you must have access to the service rep section within Enterprise Administration. The user must already be your system as a service rep. (See Managing Users in Bridge (Hosted Clients Only) for more information) 

  1. In Enterprise, navigate to All Options > Administration
  2. Select Service Rep on the left 
  3. Find the service rep you want to set up as an admin
  4. Select the WebUser Management tab 
  5. Enter a username (we recommend using first.lastname or email to keep things easy) 
  6. Enter a temporary password or click the refresh icon on the right to generate a temporary password 
  7. Automatically link product instances or manually choose WebCenter 
  8. Select Create in the lower right
  9. Make sure the user has an Administrator related role set 
  10. Select Save in the upper left 

Ready to Start Learning?

Once you have administrator credentials, you will need to log into your WebCenter portal. For your WebCenter URL Link, ask your administrator or talk to your TempWorks Account Manager. Use the links below to start learning about all the options you have in the administration portal.  

Getting Started

Setting up Time

Setting up TimeClocks

Additional WebCenter Feature Options

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