Management Report



This report gives you an overview of all the activity going on in your company by branch. It is designed to show you all of the major costs,  sales items, and tax costs to get an overall understanding of how business is within your company. This report runs on the weekend bill, therefore you can only run this for closed weeks to ensure you get all of the data for the week. 

Many of the fields on this report are linked to corresponding detail reports and are interactive. For instance, if you select  the total from the line 'Total Hours Paid' in the 'Employee Hours' section you will be taken to the Employee Hours report so that you can see the detail of those hours. 

By selecting the total next to the 'Federal Tax Deposit' line you will be taken to the Federal Tax Deposit report. You will know when a field is linked by hovering over the field and your cursor will change to a 'hand' icon. 


1. Start Date: Starting weekend bill date of your desired date range

2. End Date: Ending weekend bill date of your desired date range

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