Release Notes: 09/30/2016

What’s New Version ∞2016.9.30:

  • As a reminder, using either an old shortcut or using to log into Enterprise won’t work anymore. To log into Enterprise, go directly to and recreate any saved TempWorks shortcuts if you were using our old system. You will know if you were using the old system if you got an error message that looked similar to the one below. This error would pop up every five minutes after you logged in so if you were using the old system, chances are you did see it. Self hosted users can disregard this reminder.

  • Added a config that allows specified adjustments to show on a check even if they have $0 amounts. (ShowZeroAdjOnCheck)
  • Added Ability to add avatar image to email template. Keep in mind this is for uploaded images, not the example ones that Enterprise provides.
  • Added ability to create custom data fields for email templates. This has to be done on the backend for now, so please contact your account manager if you would like something added.


  • Added constraint to table webuseraccount on column Username to prevent spaces from being entered/updated to that column. This is to prevent users from adding a space in web user names.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes assignments closed in the previous week would not generate timecards in the current week.


  • Fixed an issue when someone would try to order the results of the search by the CompanyName.
  • Reduced load time in WebCenter when an employee views their timecards.

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