Vendor: How to Review Orders

This article is an expanded view of orders within the vendor portal of WebCenter. For more information about how to interact with the portal, check out: Vendor Management Portal.

*Note*  This article is written from the point of view of a vendor. It is a generic look at the portal, therefore, it may contain topics your company does not offer to your vendors. Each TempWorks client who subscribes to it will have a WebCenter portal that can be accessed by the client's vendor.  

How to Review Orders

WebCenter allows you to review and accept or reject any orders that have been submitted to you. To begin, navigate to the (1.) orders tab. The orders listed will depend on what your (2.) selected grouping is. 


  • All: Displays all orders, regardless of status (i.e. new, accepted, refused, filled, closed).

  • New: Displays all orders that have not been reviewed, accepted, or rejected yet.

  • Accepted: Displays all orders that have you have agreed to recruit on and can submit candidates to. 

  • Refused: Displays all orders that have been rejected. 

  • Filled: Displays all orders that have been satisfied by either the staffing agency, you (the vendor), or a combination of the two.

  • Closed: Displays all the orders that have been discontinued by the staffing agency. 

Once you've (2.) selected a group, you can further narrow down results via the (3.) filter and (4.) search options: 

View additional information for any order by selecting the 'details' icon. This will expand the details window giving extended information on the job info, employees, candidates, order contacts, and directions:

Specifically, the following information is included in the order details window:

  • Job Info: Includes Start Time, End Time, Duration, Pay Rate, Date Created, Order Type, Start Date, Estimated End Date, Number Assigned, Job Description, Safety Notes, and Dress Code.

  • Employees: Displays the employees that were assigned to this order that were supplied by the vendor.

  • Candidates: Displays the candidates provided by the vendor for this order. To add/remove candidates, select 'Add/Edit Employees', located to the right of the order number.

  • Contacts: Displays all different points of contact (i.e. Supervisors, Report To, etc.) associated with the order

  • Directions: Displays instructions specifically related to the order worksite/location. 

How to Accept and Reject Orders: 

Orders listed as New are those that have not been officially reviewed and noted as accepted or rejected. With the new tab selected, users will have the option to select (5.) accept or (6.) reject orders:

Accepting Orders: 

Click the (5.) accept button. This will automatically (and immediately) move the order to the accepted group:

If you decide after accepting the Order, that you want to reset or reject the Order, click Reset:

Rejecting Orders: 

Click the (6.) reject button. This will automatically expand a dropdown asking users to (7.) select a reason as to why the order is being rejected:

Once a reason is selected, the order will immediately move to the rejected group and the staffing provider will be informed as to why the order was rejected. 

Communicating Regarding Order Candidates:

Customers and vendors are able to communicate directly regarding order candidates (this does not log a message in Enterprise).  The messages can be seen by both the customer and vendor contacts that have access to the candidate.  Access to the messaging functionality is controlled by a configuration - once this configuration is updated, messages can be logged and viewed on the order page by selecting the "Candidates" option in the order details and clicking the message link.  These messages will be sent to the email listed in all options > administration > branch > email.  The config tab in Webcenter that corresponds to this is called "Notification Event: CandidateMessage."

For customers, messages can also be viewed in the employee tab by selecting "Candidates."  In Webcenter, unread bi-directional message links regarding a candidate will appear as red text.  After they have been viewed by the customer or vendor, the message links appear in blue.

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