The Tearaway Page

What is the tearaway page?

The tearaway page is a way for users take the Enterprise page that is currently in view and view it in a separate window. Since users can only be logged into one Enterprise session at any given time this allows them to have multiple Enterprise windows available to view (and even interact with!) in one session. 

How is a page torn away?

A page can be torn away by selecting this icon:

There are two main types of tearaway pages - read-only tearaways and interactive tearaways. This article will cover both.  

Read-only tearaway pages: It's as if users are viewing a "hard copy" or scanned page. The data can be viewed, but cannot be changed/updated from the torn away page.


1. Order details page: 

To view the order details page in a separate window, select the (1.) tearaway page icon.

After selecting to tearaway the order details page, we see two Enterprise windows - the "main" window is on the left, with the torn away read-only page available for reference on the right. 

A read only torn away page will always (2.) be marked as such for your reference: 

Interactive tearaway pages: Users have the ability to work with some types of tearaway pages (e.g. click with mouse, enter text, navigate to other pages), in a similar fashion as their main Enterprise window.


1. Employee search:

When torn away, users can...

  • Double click line items to navigate to an employee record
  • Right-click line items to (3.) log messages, send mass emails/text messages, preview resumes, change ACA status(es), and/or add selected employee(s) to hot lists
  • Edit and re-run the search from the enhance search section
  • Run saved searches

2. Task Manager:

In this example,  we've run a search to show (4.) all open tasks assigned to shawna.bradt. 

Then, when the task manager is torn away users can...

  • Double click line items to open the task details 
  • Right-click line items to (5.) create new tasks, open task details, mark a task as complete, or to assign the task to a different user
  • Edit and re-run the search using the search options across the top 

3. Invoice Register: 

When torn away users can...

  • (6.) Double-click invoice line items to navigate directly to that invoice's (7.) details page
  • Right-click line items to view the invoice, view payments made, merge the invoice, navigate to the customer record, or print the invoice
  • Edit and re-run the invoice register search using the search options on the right of the torn away page

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