Release Notes: 05/12/2017

Version ∞2017.5.12:



  • Enhanced the ACH Verification report accuracy.
  • Re-added BranchAsWorksiteTaxOverride config functionality.
  • Modified procedure PrCalculateAdjustments and function SelectPrEmpAdjRuleCase to improve applying conditional rule cases on adjustments.
  • Added a new mag media format type for Idaho called CSV_ID.


  • Altered CalculateSequenceAdjustmentMaximums so the SequenceADJConsiderPastSequence config to works with configvalue 2. When this configvalue is set to 2, the adjustments will calculate as follows:
    • An employee has a child support seq 1 $70 max 25% of net.  They also have a garnishment of 25% of net, max 25% of net, seq 2.  They make 1000 after taxes.  25% of 1000 is 250, so between the two adjustments, it should take 250.  The $70 comes out first, leaving 180 for the other adj.  The 70 used up 7% so 18% is left, and 18% of 1000 is 180. Contact support if you would like this config setting turned on for you.
  • Corrected some unexpected behaviors when updating temporary addresses for employees.
  • Modified sPayrollFindBadChecks so advance banks adjustments will always be excluded from the payroll error, "Check has negative recurring adjustment amount.  Please review the adjustment."
  • Corrected some misbehaving checkboxes that wouldn't uncheck transactions properly when editing an invoice.
  • Fixed an issue where the S type style Invoices wouldn't preview.


Rate Changes:

  • Updated Garrard KY Local Tax Rate to 1.5%.
  • Added Grant County KY Tax of 2%.


  • Linked Vernon Twp PA to zip code 16316.
  • Linked Summit Twp PA, Butler County, and Butler school district to zip code 16002

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