Beyond - Email Setup

BeyondTM now offers email functionality which allows you to email anywhere you see an email address in the system. In this article, we will review the settings available for email functionality.

*Note* Email account within Beyond are separate from email accounts within Enterprise. If you have email accounts within Enterprise, these will need to be setup once more within Beyond.

Where to Find Email Setup
  1. Navigate to the B for Beyond in the upper left
  2. Select User Settings
  3. Select User Email on the left 

The User Email section is split into 3 Sections: 

  1. Settings
  2. Accounts
  3. Signatures


The best place to start is settings. Beyond gives you the option to open your default email client or use Beyond's built in email option. 

Benefits to Using Beyond Email Client: 

  • Still uses your email address
  • Keeps you in the system 
  • Has options for logging messages on records

To Change Your Settings: 

  1. Navigate to User Settings > User Email > Settings
  2. Tap the Edit button on the card 
  3. Choose from 3 options: 
    • Use Beyond  - always use Beyond Email Client when sending emails
    • Use Device Email App - always open your default email program for the device you are on (ex. Outlook, Apple Mail, etc.) when you click on an email address
    • Prompt me - ask every time you email which option you would like to use

Adding an Account

If you are going to use the Beyond Email Client instead of your default email program, you will need to add your email(s) into Beyond. 

  1. Navigate to User Settings > User Email > Accounts 
  2. Select the + in the upper right
  3. Select a provider (if no providers matching your email exist, then choose other) 
  4. Enter the following information:
    • Email
    • Password
  5. Select Next. At this point, Beyond will attempt to determine the correct SMTP settings based off the email address that had been entered.
  6. Review or modify the information based on what was found:
  7. Once everything has been confirmed, select 'Next'.
  8. Review or modify the information based on what was found:
    • Description - what you want this email identified as (ex. Amelia's Email or My Gmail Account) 
    • Name - Your Name
    • From Email - email address you are sending from
    • Reply to Email - this is optional if you would like a different email for them to reply to
    • Default Signature - signatures that you set up can be defaulted to already be inserted when an email is created from this email address
  9. Select Submit
Default Email Settings
Mail ProviderHostPortEncryption Method
Office 365smtp.office365.com587Auto
Outlook (AKA Hotmail / Live)smtp-mail.outlook.com587Auto

*Note* Your team's email settings may be different from these. Ask your IT team or email provider for the correct settings for your email. Some email providers, including Gmail, may require you to change your security settings in order to have another application access your email. 

Setting Up Email Signatures

Once you've added your email into Beyond, you can set up different email signatures to appear at the bottom of the email you are composing. 

Signatures can be defaulted for each email account. You can have multiple signatures. 

*Note* Email signatures within Beyond are separate from email signatures within Enterprise. If you have email signatures within Enterprise, these will need to be setup once more within Beyond.

To Set Up a Signature

  1. Navigate to User Settings > User Email > Signatures
  2. Select the + in the upper right to add a new signature
  3. Enter a name for your signature (this will be used for you to select from when you want to insert a signature) 
  4. Copy and paste or type in your signature Example Signature with name, job title, and contact information

Email Signature Tips & Tricks:

  • Selecting the text color button ( ) allows you to pick from default color pallette or use the Hex color code to add your own color to match your branding. 
  • Use the Insert a Link option to include a link to your company's website in your signature. 
  • Select the More Rich options to add emojis, symbols, or a horizontal line in your signature:
  • Select the More Options on the right to view your signature in full screen, select all text, or (if you are feeling tech savvy) use HTML to format your signature. 

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