WebCenter Vs. HRCenter Vs. Buzz

HRCenter, WebCenter, and Buzz are all additional modules that can help create an amazing experience for your Employees and/or Customer Contacts. Best of all, they all are directly integrated with Enterprise and Beyond so you know the information is always accurate and at your finger tips. 


A place for prospective or current employees to fill out applications, complete new hire paperwork, take tests, and fill out import docs (including I-9s and W-4s).

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A platform for employees to access W-2s, paystubs, assignment info, and shared documents. Customers can utilize this platform to manage orders and approve time.

Both HRCenter and WebCenter are accessed via a web browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

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Buzz App 

An app-based platform for employees to chat with a recruiter, check assignment information, accept a job offer, enter time and more!

Both WebCenter and Buzz allow your current employees to log in and see pay, assignment, or time information. WebCenter is browser-based while Buzz is a phone app.

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Web User Accounts

HRCenter, WebCenter, and Buzz all allow users to log in using Web User Accounts. This means that while employees may need to log into all 3 platforms, they only need one user name and password which makes everyone's lives easier. 

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