Release Notes: 12/31/2016

Due to the new year approaching and tax rates needing to be updated, all updates for this week will be available early Saturday morning instead of early Friday morning. So to reiterate, everything will be the same, except that the new Enterprise build & new hotfixes will made be available a day later than usual. 

What’s New Version ∞2016.12.31:

  • AdjID will now be displayed in All Options > Administration > Adjustment.
  • Made some minor changes & additions to the 1094/1095 worksheet:
    • Initialize employees button has been added and this should be run first after filling out the survey.
    • The generate 1095 button will update the Yearend_1094_Employee table based on the data from step 2 (Import BenAdmin file) and the initialization from step 1.


  • Dropped unused API objects. (twapi3_Validate_ServiceRepVisibility, twapi3_DataList_States, twapi3_Utility_CensorEmployeeNationalIdNumber)
  • Prerelease schema for TWAPI has been added
  • Corrected an issue that could cause times to not appear correctly. E.g. Time messages were left, employee created, assignment created, etc. Ensure that your time zone is setup correctly in All Options > Administration > service rep.
  • Fixed a truncation error that could occur when the New Hire Export for CA was ran for a long period.
  • Updated the new account message that appears on the GL Journal Entry export from it saying “contact support” to “go to the administration > gls account map area and update the mappings”
  • Found and corrected an issue with the Career Builder integration where null values were not being passed through properly.
  • The merge employee dialog has been updated to say "Merge From" and "Merge Into" instead of "Source" and "Target".
  • When viewing invoice transactions during an invoice monthly run, the “Codes” tab (in the detailed timecard) will now populate.
  • Attaching a document to an email template will no longer cause an error when sending multiple emails out of Enterprise.
  • Added logic to dailymaint to manage accrual max balance for anniversary and annual.
  • If the start date of the assignment is the same day you are creating the assignment, first day calls tasks setup in task admin were not being scheduled since they are created during dailymaint. This has been fixed.


  • Linked zip codes 16323, 16311, and 16362 to Canal Twp. PA.
  • Added logic to the 1095  to cleanup previously imported self-funded data.
  • Corrected a display issue that could cause two Arkansas jurises to show on the check preview even though only one had been taken out. 
  • Fixed an issue that would cause a Max Recursion error if you tried to import a BenAdmin file with more than 100 rows


  • Check numbers will now order correctly when sorting pay history by check number.

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