Release Notes: 08/26/2016

The following message only relates to self hosted clients. Just as a heads up, the fix under the Enterprise section is a hotfix that you will want to install. Your users may get a message tomorrow when they attempt to log in letting them know that they have updates to install. This is that update and again, this only pertains to our self hosted clients. All other clients will get the update automatically without any work on their part. 


  • Corrected some off calculations when calculating adjustment amounts on checks.


  • Fixed the Internal Server/conflict errors that some users were getting in HrCenter.
  • Fixed an error that would come up when UK users were filling out the EEO page. This was due to the fact that the race options had ids that didn’t map back to the EmployeeRace table.
  • Updated the display of the basic info fields in the admin area. For example, instead of “Availability_FullTime” you’ll now just see “Full Time” when selecting fields to be displayed/required on the availability page.

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