Release Notes: 12/2/2016

What’s New Version ∞2016.12.2:

  • Added 1094/1095 Survey form in Enterprise. You will be able to find it under pay/bill > Other > 1094c/1095c. This is only if you have the System Administrator secrole. 


  • Removed primary key on aident in the staged prenote table in DailyMaint4. The reason is that this was causing an error if an employee happened to have multiple prenotes due on the same week.
  • The Sales Tax Taxable amount previously would look up the employer's country code to determine what currency symbol to display. The country code is now checked on the Customer the invoice is for. 
  • Modified jb_SearchJobs_QualifiedOrders to look at wc_AP_JobSearch_BranchAlias to include jobs from branches in this table. This allows companies to post jobs from branches that are not web public.
  • A new config called "PrenoteAssignedEmployees" has been added. This config gives companies the option to send prenotes for all assigned employees, not just the employees who have been paid in the current weekend bill.
  • Added a new config to allow custom error checking procedures for Invoice Runs. (AdditionalInvoiceErrorProcedure)
  • Added a HasOwnW4 column to the state table. This will be used in an upcoming change to the HrCenter Federal W4 postfill procedure where it will check to see if the state has a W4 before updating the state exemptions.
  • Previously, users could add a PseudoAIdent to a company record at any time. This converts the company from a contractor company to a vendor company and creates complications during year end. The standard procedure that is called when generating the PseudoAIdent has been modified to prevent the creation of the PseudoAIdent if the company is associated with posted transactions.
  • Modified procedure FX_TaskAdmin_DailyMaint_ProcessScheduledEvents to use date instead of datetime in order to Preventing triggered tasks from not being scheduled.
  • We made modifications to our standard system triggers as the first step in our long term initiative of providing our customers with an open API. These are underlying database changes and are not visible to the end user.
  • Updated the hierarchy check in the payrollrunroot_IU trigger to ignore master table data allowed if the run type is a recalculation run. (correct SUTA, correct FUTA, etc.) This previously only checked for SUTA fix runs. This fix remedies the issues during hotfix rate rollouts where the calculation run is processed at the employers hierid which may not always allow master table data allowed.
  • Created new procedures that will be used for future reports. Procedures are:
    • fx_report_EmloyeeApplication_Employment
    • fx_report_EmployeeApplication_Skills
    • fx_report_EmployeeApplication_Education
    • fx_report_EmployeeApplication_WorkHistory
    • fx_report_EmployeeApplication_Questionnaire
    • fx_report_EmployeeApplication_References
    • fx_report_EmployeeApplication_Rejection
  • Added BranchID to the table TimeCardFeedDataRoot table so that BranchID can be added to timecard imports.
  • Dispatcher Fixes
    • Fixed an error that could occur when abandoning dispatcher payroll runs when the customer had assignment allocations set up.
    • Fixed and issue that could prevent dispatcher instant payroll runs from being posted or abandoned.
    • After abandoning a dispatcher instant payroll run and canceling the ticket, an error would occur. This has been corrected.
    • Proofing errors that occur during and dispatcher instant payroll runs can now be approved.
  • Weekend Date has been added to the Invoicing View Transactions page. This is especially useful when processing monthly invoices.
  • Corrected a cache issue that could result in the attendance module displaying orders outside of hierarchy. This only occurred when switching between hierarchies.


  • Added and updated some errors on the Data Integrity Check:
    • Updated error 19 to use PrEmployeeTaxRoot instead of the PrEmployeeTax view. This was changed to PrEmployeeTaxRoot because we are already filtering on EINC.
    • Added filters to message 28 on the Data integrity check to only display pretax adjustments that were actually used in the current year.
    • Created a new error in the Data Integrity check that states “The 1095-C worksheet has not been completed.  If you contracted with TempWorks for 1095-C printing, please complete the worksheet prior to closing your year.”
    • Data Integrity error 48 states: “More than one Employee record using the same Company record.” This error will no longer display if only one employee using the company record has been paid in the current year.
    • Updated error message 2 on the Data Integrity Check to state, “The Employer State Income Tax ID or Employer SUTA ID is invalid. Please verify your ID and update in Admin > Employers > Jurisdiction Setup or contact TempWorks Support for assistance.” Previously, it said to go to SUTA setup, but updating tax IDs is actually done under jurisdiction setup.
    • Added some filters for error 32 on the Data Integrity check to look for W2 checks only and to exclude various reissue status checks because they don't have check tax records.
  • Added CAST to make NumberOfAidents a varchar so it didn’t cause errors when running the data integrity check.
  • Updated Watauga Texas sales tax to 8.25%
  • Added a generic Tennessee sales tax for just the state portion with no city or county portions lumped in. 


  • The Puerto Rico prefill/postfill W4 procedures have been added.
  • The Default Availability form postfill has been updated to accommodate existing custom data.


  • The create employee by resume functionality has been fixed. Customers can now create an employee by uploading a resume. 
  • When creating a new template from the WebCenter Admin, the default template will only show you the options for the currently selected item in the Template Type drop down.
  • WebCenter report date pickers will now use the correct date format for UK customers.
  • When the "Use Web Time" config was set and timecards were created from open assignments in Enterprise,  WebCenter timecards were created for employees that don't have web accounts. Now, WebCenter timecards will only be created for employees with web accounts.  

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