Release Notes: 07/29/2016

What’s New Version ∞2016.7.29:

  • New standard reports have been added:
    • Invoice Adjustment Register
      • This report will display all invoice adjustments such as ACA surcharge within a date range.  You can choose to restrict the results by either the weekend bill date or the invoice date.
    • Order Candidates Reqd Documents Check (Reqd = Required)
      • This report can be run from the orders area under the order report option. This displays the required document details for each order candidate. 
    • Merged Web TC Timecards
      • This is report displays a summary of time clock information for a chosen date range. This gives you an overview of an employee’s timeclock timecard and billing information and expands to give you multiple levels of detail.
    • Daily Timecard Totals Summary
      • This is report displays the breakdown of daily hours for a chosen date range.
  • Removed the ability to change webuser’s username. This was causing an abundance of problems if a username had been changed.


  • Previously, reissuing a check, undoing that reissue, then reissuing again wouldn’t work due to the check missing a check number. If that check had a reissue fee too, the balance wouldn’t balance out properly again after the undo. These have been corrected. The check number that would be previously missing will be the negative number of the original reissue check.
  • All new hire export procs have been updated to look at the transaction EINC not the EINC on the employee.  This was done because an employee can be at a hierarchy over multiple EINC's, but we need to look at what EINC they are being paid under.
  • You can now enter 99 exemptions for the state of Louisiana.
  • Updated the default ACH proc to respect the ACH Length field on GLSBankAccount. Meaning you can change the length of an ACH file more easily now.
  • Fixed a rare issue with the Rep Productivity Report. Previously, when more than one employee and more than one assignment are linked to a message, it could return a separate record for each combination of employees and assignments that were linked to a message. So if 32 messages were left on records and linked to 32 assignments, the report would display 1024 results for the 32 messages.
  • Corrected an issue where checks with negative hours would sometimes cause Gross Profit calculations to error out.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause inactive departments to become active again when the primary customer was edited in any fashion. This would only occur if customer had a status that was marked as CascadeToChildDepts in the customer status table.
  • Added Nationalities for UK employees under the EEO section on the employee record. These will only show for UK employees.
  • Previously, you would get an error when doing an enhanced search with both "Like" & "Contains" in it, and selecting "Match All". Now this won’t happen and the search will occur like normal.
  • Now filtering paycodes so that only Tax Supplemental options are shown in the drop down on the Gross Up Calculator. Using a paycode that wasn’t setup as tax supplemental would cause the gross up calculator to not calculate correctly.
  • Fixed a network path not found error that could occur when adding an assignment allocation (commission)
  • Adding two factor authentication is no longer possible if no valid records are found in TWAPI_ApiKey. (Most Databases have this setup already, this is just an extra failsafe)
  • After editing an Authority in All options > Admin > Authorities and clicking save, the bank routing information would turn into a guid. Validations on prenote dates were also missing. Now data won’t turn into a guid and validations are present on this page.
  • Added missing validations for NIN. Now it checks for duplicate NIN records as well as disallows invalid NINs to be entered into Enterprise.
  • FyreSync records outside of your current hierarchy will no longer display in the admin > External services area.
  • The external services form would ask users if they wanted to save their changes even if they didn’t make any changes. Now this won’t occur.
  • When adding a new employee, the marital status would appear blank. Now it will default and display as “Single”.


  • Add .5% tax for Hopewell-Loudon Local School District in OH.
  • Increased the city of Greensburg KY local tax to 1.5%.


  • Changed the “Last Login” label on the Admin User page to be “Last Activity” because the last login was not accurate enough.
  • Previously, if you had the System Culture set to en-GB the date format on date fields on the Order Request page would still be in the en-US format. Now that won’t happen.


  • Added default Louisiana postfill/prefill procs. (fx_HRC_Employee_Postfill_Louisiana_W4, fx_HRC_Employee_Prefill_Louisiana_L4)
  • Added employer address fields to the HrCenter Alabama prefill procedure. (fx_HRC_Employee_Prefill_Alabama_W4)
  • Added a default Maryland withholding postfill/prefill procs. (fx_HRC_Employee_Postfill_Maryland_W4, fx_HRC_Employee_Prefill_Maryland_W4)
  • Removed the “duplicate survey” button.

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