Release Notes: 08/19/2016

What’s New Version ∞2016.8.19:

  • Added new constraint types of “Is Null” and “Is not Null” to the enhanced search.
  • Added a validation to the “Monthly Cycle” field in Employee Adjustments.
  • You no longer can edit timecard adjustments on staged checks. This is to prevent discrepancies on reports.


  • Optimized the procedure that’s responsible for finding open payroll runs.
  • Found and corrected an issue that could cause duplicate taxes to be inserted into employee records. This naturally caused some errors when processing payroll.
  • Found and corrected an issue with the Gross profit detail report when filtering on service rep. Filtering on service rep would previously cause the report to not balance properly.
  • Fixed the report path for the report moved wages. The path name was previously “Move Wages and Recalc Pre Tax Adj Results”
  • The pound currency symbol on invoices with a taxable income, would show incorrectly in certain instances. Now they show up correctly. (Assuming your employers country code is in UK)
  • Fixed adjustment paycode exemptions to redistribute the adjustment percent of check across the rest of the transactions appropriately.
  • Fixed accruals so that only hours on the relevant transactions will accrue.  Previously hours would accrue on all transactions even if only some were relevant to the assignment.
  • The ponumber field is no only disabled when the timecard is in payroll.
  • Fixed the UTC offset calculations so that reports would display more correct times on reports.


  • Found that the state for Clarkson, Kentucky was listed as Clarkson, Ohio. This wasn’t meant to be and it has been switched to Clarkson, Kentucky.


  • Adding missing SR local forms in Admin
  • Forms created from the form builder will now break apart pages correctly when the form gets saved to a PDF


  • Increased performance of Timeclock Tab in WebCenter
  • ​Fixed the Asp.Net session expired errors when viewing reports

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