Release Notes: 02/16/2018

Version ∞2018.2.16



  • Enterprise will now return full 3rd party responses from external API calls when experiencing errors. These will be logged in the Enterprise log file which can be pulled from The E icon in the upper left corner of Enterprise > Server > Open Location under Support Options.


  • Added pre-validation errors for phone number and age when enrolling ADP paycards. Now, data that will fail validations in the enrollment process will be caught before the enrollment begins. Also, only contact methods marked Employee Relevant will be looked at during pre-validation and displayed in the form.
  • When updating or enrolling a new ADP paycard, the verify date now uses a UTC conversion to CST. This field only displays the “Date Verified” but the change will result in accurate dates in the cases where a UTC date/time and a local date/time end up being different days.
  • Added user friendly errors for attempting to update ADP paycard status, clear ADP paycard data, or enrolling new ADP paycard when not using an Auth-Server Enterprise build.
  • Refreshing E-Verify cases will now show a message in the bottom right corner of Enterprise to inform the user that a status update is in progress and what the result was. Also, the form will be refreshed and display any new case details.
  • Added the North Dakota New Hire Format so users can choose ND as the state when running the New Hire export.
  • We now check for a change in totals while comparing the W2 box 12 labels for determining employees who need a W2C generated.


  • Altered the W2-C procedure to fix the following issues:
    • The corrected and original name were swapped.
    • The corrected and original SSN were swapped.
    • Adjusted how the name and address display.
    • The company name font size will decrease if the field exceeds 38 characters.
  • Added execute permissions to the uFixStateFUTACR procedure so it can be run from the UI in Pay/Bill > Other > Tax Recalculation.
  • Corrected an issue where some users were unable to reset a web users password in apps.
  • An error will no longer occur when a user attempts to navigate to a customer from a contact’s visifile that's associated with both a vendor and customer.
  • In Enterprise, when viewing Education Orders under the details area of an order, Orders will null fields will now display properly.


  • Releasing a compilation of all of the 2017 Data Integrity Check changes to ensure all databases are in sync.
  • Now when recalculating SUTA, the recalculation properly handles Pre Tax Adjustment amounts in situations where no transaction records exist for a check.



  • Modified the fx_HRC_Employee_Postfill_Illinois_W4 postifill procedure to prevent the Illinois W4 form from timing out and not submitting when an employee would select exempt.



  • Added GENEVA/HARPERSFIELD JEDD II to the employer jurisdiction setup area so the EmployerID information can be added in the UI.


  •  Added an EINC filter to the EOY_CreateW2 procedure. This procedure runs when W2-Cs are created/printed and will no longer error in cases where an employee has records in two EINCs in the same year.

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