Release Notes: 12/31/15

Enterprise (∞1512.31):

  • We now allow changes to weekend date on a duplicate timecard.
  • Updated the GL Journal Entry export procedure to run more efficiently.
  • Dropped the CtxnsAppend12R procedure due to it not being used anymore.
  • The sInvRun procedure was setting the DepartmentName on Invoices to “Null” if certain customer billing setup options were checked. Now, invoices will properly display DepartmentName, SupervisorName, and/or Entity (cost code) if one but not all are selected.
  • Changed to set the debit account on payment mappings to the clearing account since we use the bank account on the batch its mapped to, to pull the debit account for payment lines.
  • Modified the year end procedure to not include tax records where Einc is null and juris gross is 0. This is to prevent some year closing errors from occurring.
  • Removed unnecessary code that saved and refreshed the form when expiring and unexpiring documents in the employee required documents area.
  • Fixed a bug that would occur when undoing a check void. Previously undoing a check void on employees who were contractors would cause valid checks to not be pulled into SubPayCons runs.
  • Double clicking in the “Payroll Notes” box on the assignment would cause the much rate sheet information to disappear. This has been fixed.
  • Removed a bug that could allow a user without ACA secrole permissions to still be able to Change ACA responses and ACA statuses.

•     Re-ensured that functionality for adding for changing ACA surcharge settings were the same in Administration, Customer, and on the Order.

  • Previously users with the function permission “Can Edit EINC on PayrollRun” couldn’t see the option to change the EINC of the payroll run. Now they can.
  • Altered an error message that will come up during payroll when an employees worksite has an employee tax instead of a worksite tax assigned to it. Now the error will display the incorrect tax as well as the employee associated with it.


  • Taxes have been updated for 2016


  • The W2 report was previously throwing errors on W2s dating prior to 2010. Now this won’t occur.
  • Optimized the “Add Missing timecards” button so that it runs more quickly.


  • Corrected an issue that could cause the Active/inactive filters to not work in HrCenter Admin.
  • Removed extra white space from xml that is sent back for Equifax.



  • UK and US users who had their PC system language set to English United Kingdom would previously see $UNDEFINED$ instead of “Reference” under the employee required documents area.
  • Updated some verbiage on various areas.

Location in Enterprise What it stated before What it states now
Candidate / Add New Candidate Top icon says, 'Add New Employee' Add new candidate
Candidate / Report View Employee Payroll Information View Candidate Payroll information
Candidate / Report Employee Adjustment Setup Change log Candidate Adjustment Setup Change log
Candidate / Report Employee Application Candidate Application
Candidate / Report Employee Change Log Candidate change log
Candidate / Report Employee Electronic Pay setup Change log Candidate Electronic Pay setup Change log
Candidate / Report Employee Hours Candidate Hours
Candidate / Report Employee Transaction Report Candidate Transaction Report
Candidate / Report Employee Wage Statement Candidate wage statement
Candidate / Placement Holds Initiated by customer Change to initiated by Client
Candidate / AWR Status AWR Status for this candidate by customer AWR Status for this candidate by client
Assignment Snapshot Customer Client
Customer / Create new customer Add new customer Add new Client
Customer / Placement holds Initiated by customer Initiated by Client

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