Clarus Solutions WOTC Overview

TempWorks & Clarus Solutions

Clarus Solutions helps staffing firms execute and manage WOTC Optimization Programs.  An optimized program maximizes the amount of WOTC tax credits captured by proactively managing WOTC-eligible labor pools.  By optimizing their WOTC programs through Clarus Solutions, staffing firms can improve their cash flow, up to 40%!  Don’t believe us? Please consider being our guest at our next WOTC Optimization Clinic where you and a colleague will learn WOTC optimization best practices, standards and case studies.

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Clarus Benefits Include:

  • Three-way integration with TempWorks
  • Routinely capture 2-4 times the amount of tax credits compared to other providers
  • Free WOTC Optimization Clinic to learn how to optimize your WOTC program
  • Each client is assigned a dedicated tax credit consultant which provides monthly updates, to include location-based reports
  • Never lost a staffing client due to performance

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