Release Notes: 04/27/2018



  • Added more features to the existing Tasks functionality. These features include:
    • Pinned Tasks
      • Pinned tasks will be displayed to users first on the home screen under the Pinned tab.
      • You can pin and unpin tasks from the task and home screen pages.
    • New Tasks page
      • Search for tasks by filters such as Mine, Unassigned, Team, Tag, Text, etc.
      • Multi-select tasks to mass-reassign, and/or mass-archive/unarchive tasks.
    • Teams
      • Assigning tasks to teams
        • You can create teams in the "ServiceRepTeam" table. This cannot be done in the UI at this time.
        • You can assign service reps to teams via the "ServiceRepTeamMember" table. This cannot be done in the UI at this time.
    • Tags
      • Adding/Removing tags to tasks
        • Adding a task is done by clicking on "Tags" when creating a new task. You can type multiple tasks by hitting the tab, comma, and enter keys on your keyboard.
        • These tags can be used then on other tasks so long as they are not removed from all other tasks too.
    • Permissions
      • Task-ignore-personal-task-restrictions-read
        • Ability to see tasks distributed to teams you are not associated with, as well as personal tasks for any service rep.
        • Ability to see unassigned tasks distributed to teams you are not associated with.
      • Task-ignore-private-task-restrictions-read
        • Ability to see personal tasks for other service reps that are marked private.
      • Task-ignore-personal-task-restrictions-assign
        • Ability to Re-assign a task from the ellipsis menu in any of the places you can see a task. (Assuming the task is not completed)
      • Task-ignore-personal-task-restrictions-edit
        • Ability to reschedule the task, change the priority on the task, and edit the task.
    • You can now
      • Log Messages to tasks. Messages logged on tasks linked to a Employee, Customer, Contact, etc will get left on the record as well.
      • Reassign tasks to other users.
      • Expand individual tasks to view notes, tags, and messages.


  • The chat close button was previously under an ellipsis menu. Removed the menu and replaced it with an X button that will close/end the chat. After the chat is closed, the conversation is logged as a message on the employee record .


  • Previously, Beyond did not signal to Twilio that it is 'offline' when chat is toggled off. Now it does and online presence bubbles and notifications come through properly.
  • If an SR was in a Chat and it was left unused for 5 minutes, an error would occur when sending a message. This error will no longer come up and messages will send properly.


  • Performed a complete overhaul of how we manage form dialogs in the app. This does not involve confirmation dialogs or information dialogs; it does involve any dialogs that have input fields in them.
  • Upgraded to Webpack v4 from v3 and refactor to ultimately improve performance, development experience, and maintainability.
  • Regained the ability to override CSS styling of packages by replacing or reengineering usage of Webpack manifest plugin tools to support a main.css file that is referenced in html after vendor.css.
  • Revised the composition of run.js to track propagate non-zero child process exit statuses to the current process.



  • Added support in the custom data search for custom data elements that support multiple values. This will allow for Custom Data searching in Beyond.
  • Added Chat endpoints to create and destroy a channel.
  • Added Description to System/Tenants. This is  in preparation for changing the tenant names to snake case, we need to add the description to these endpoints so Enterprise can display user-friendly tenants in the list.
  • Added more endpoints to use with Tasks.
    • Allow tasks to be unassigned.
    • Allow tasks to be private.
    • Allow tasks to be pinned.


  • Resume parsing will no longer error out on resumes that have the region of Nebraska included in them.
  • ZipWhip messages will now only send to active contact methods.

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